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Wednesday, 04 August 2021 21:34

We will have fun

Hi all.

We have lots of ideas. We want to offer you superb moments and especially unique moments.

It is for the sake of entertainment that we are always looking to improve. Today we are going to tell you about an emerging and very promising collaboration.

What our ASBL wants is to promote video games, create events around video games and build a community around this rich universe.

In this endless quest for entertainment, we have come to celebrate that sanitary rules are less strict with a Mario Kart tournament. This will take place in September.

You can register and enter the competition. It is above all about having fun and being able to finally meet around a console and be able to rage, laugh, win and lose but together instead of having to stay at home.

We then met some great guys, the members of the Serpent Bite group! A great luxembourgish music group doing great music and prepares to make even greater music! Songs are available on Spotify and this collaboration between them and us will allow us to offer you a unique entertainment.

We can't say too much, we can't go too far but one thing is certain, our joint projects will really please you!

We are planning future events, we are already planning for next year and Serpent Bite is part of our plans. On our Facebook page as well as on theirs you can see that we met recently. We assure one thing, we did well to meet.

We hope to be able to integrate the group into our plans and to be able to create a lasting bond between them and us. Humanly we get along and they are just as passionate about video games as we are. On our side, we love music and their style is totally part of the genre we love. Thanks to our common passions, we quickly found common ground and had this urge to work together.

In the near future we will give you more details.


Stay tuned, it will bite!

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Wednesday, 05 January 2022 21:50

Holidays were great

We know. For the holidays everyone has great thoughts, wishes, love and good resolutions. Sadly, it eventually became a bad habit not to achieve our goals that good resolutions became an annoying topic. So annoying that those who had great wishes were discouraged by others that don’t bother as soon as they talk about their great wishes.

Why and from where that habit comes isn’t relevant. We are gamers and our internet site isn’t there to debate about it! Your “geekish.journalist” only wants to wish you, with our ASBL, an happy new year and encourage you with your great resolutions!

If it’s not at the beginning of a year that we may boost one another to achieve our goals then when? Yes, if you understand that otherwise … and so one, clearly. But a new year we can have a new start. We should encourage one another instead of morally downing everyone.

I have great resolutions for this year. Less being upset (grey hairs are sexy but I’m not ready for it), being less lazy, (especially mornings, who invented that concept anyway?) and mostly having as much fun as possible!

Therefore, I guaranty you that our articles will have the best quality possible and that we will try with our ASBL to organize reunions with our community so we may talk gaming, drink gaming, eat gaming and just play together!

It won’t be always easy with the sanitary obligations, it won’t be easy as our committee are fathers, husbands, we have jobs and have a lot to do. Be aware that all we do for the community is done with passion.

While writing new articles we will pay attention to advices, observations and tricks we received. We will never be thankful enough for your generosity and commitment. Now is time for gaming, (marketing) console war, PC Master Race and all other debate about gaming.

I have great expectations for this year, in particular to (finally) purchase a PS5, to test some games. Moreover, I’m impatient for Pokemon Legends, Arceus, Stranger of Paradise, A Final Fantasy Story that will be out soon. I’m impatient to have maximum pleasure with Guardians of the Galaxy, to finally play Final Fantasy VII Remake. Yes, as a huge fan I still didn’t play it and it begins to itch everywhere!

I have hope for some novelties, even for console accessories, who knows? And to get news about the next Final Fantasy (XVI), the next E3 and how we will live the event and other news that could be more surprising than others.

Tell us what you are awaiting for this year, whether it is for your live in general or for gaming! Comment on Facebook or on our site!

Until then, good game to all and a happy coming year!

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Wednesday, 26 May 2021 19:41

Soon we'll have the E3

We are going to talk about a big meeting of the video game. So yes it is an often criticized event. However, I think E3 is still a special moment in the life of a gamer.

Personally, I have been watching the conferences live for a few years. Thanks to Twitch, we can see a lot of things and beautiful things!

It's an event you can't miss. I'll give you some details for this special edition.


First of all, this edition is very special because it is completely free and no fan can visit it. Everything is online. 100% online.

They created something pretty cool though. An application will be released, we will / have to register and then see all the conferences, events and other video game candy. For those who are not interested, there will be traditional platforms like Youtube, Twitch or even Facebook to follow the conferences if that is the only thing that interests the viewer.

They have published a lot of things about the possibilities of this application:

1. Exhibitor booth: you will find key information, announcements, special events, etc.

2. Lounges: we will be entitled to a place where all the participants can be gathered for more relaxing moments.

3. Forums: traditional place for discussions (yes also disputes) for sharing between participants.

4. Leaderboards: interactions to make viewers want to use the application

5. Profile creation: as its name suggests, create a profile, avatar etc.


A rather complete and interactive application to give fans the opportunity to stay on the sofa and still live an unforgettable moment. It promises to be pretty fun.

Note that on the E3 site, fans will be able to register from June 3! Do not forget it if you want to have the possibility of being in total immersion!

Since around mid-May there has been no big news as to the participants as exhibitors, here is the list:

Nintendo; XBox; Ubisoft; Square Enix; Verizon; T2; Capcom; Warner Bros; Sega; Bandai Namco; GearBox; XSpeed ​​Games; Mythical; Freedom Games; Net Ease Games; Turtle Beach; OtterBox; Devious Eye Entertainment; binge

So much for the participants. For Nintendo we could hope for something concerning Zelda's birthday. After that of Mario all fans are waiting for new features for this legendary franchise. Square Enix could talk about Final Fantasy 16 (release date for example?) Or see if the info concerning a Souls-like FF will see the light of day. Sega might also have something to tell us since it's Sonic's 30th birthday this year. We are also sure that the other speakers have a lot to say and we can't wait to see it all.

Last info.

BoTRLTV really wants to do everything to be closer to its community and these events. So a registration was made to co-stream the event. Hopefully, the channel will be eligible to broadcast the event on Twitch. You will of course be informed as soon as it becomes official.

Otherwise, you will have all the information as quickly as possible because there is a madman (me) who will look at all this and will share his impressions with you.

Have a good game in the meantime!

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Monday, 14 June 2021 03:57

E3 2nd Day (13.06) Square Enix and more

E3 Day 2 (13.06) Square Enix and more

So before I start I warn that there is a lot of content. Not necessarily a lot of info so short info on a lot of different games.

This remains very interesting and I hope you will have something to stay with throughout the article! Good reading !

24 Entertainment - Naraka: Bladepoint:

Naraka, the game from studio 24 Entertainment is very promising. The game will be entitled to a global release on August 12 and a beta between June 16 and 22 on PC. It can be pre-ordered today. For the release, a new weapon that was not yet present will be entitled to its arrival, the spear. A new character is also born with the name of Yoto Hime.

This is a 60 player Battle Royal. You can move around in a magnificent setting, on foot or with your grapple. We fight in close combat or at least with period weapons, sword, bow or spear are the weapons used. The fights are super dynamic, the gameplay feels intuitive. The video is full of promise and makes you want to play ASAP. The game will cost € 49.99 (in the video it is noted in $)

Fun and rage will surely be the order of the day with this game!

Xbox and Bethesda

Probably the most anticipated time of day for most people. They will give us as much information as possible, for me, and a lot of work! Let's go!

Xbox is going to turn 20, to celebrate Bethesda and Xbox are going to present us their first baby in total collaboration and obviously this is a total exclusivity for the console.

Starfield will therefore see the light of day. In the 25 years that Bethesda has existed, their evolution has brought them to this game. We are entitled to stunning images of realism and beauty. A spaceship, we see the outside and then the inside. The details are crazy, the voice-over explains the importance we have and that our discoveries have. That was to say that we would have the answer to EVERYTHING. The game looks very elaborate and thoughtful. He promises to be a major Microsoft console dropout.

Stalker 2 Heart of Chernobyl

A shooter visibly set in the city of nuclear drama. The trailer is explosive and promises crazy action. You are entitled to paranormal events, mutants or monsters and "the area" which seems to be the most dangerous place. A man explains that he will defend "the zone" body and soul because it gave him or gave him life. He is therefore ready to sacrifice himself for her. To see but the game promises many exciting hours. The game will be released on Xbox and PC only (if I understood correctly at first. So it could be released on PS4 or 5 afterwards). The release is scheduled for 2022.

We have the right to a small presentation of Back4Blood. It will be released in the fall, the video doesn't feature anything that we haven't seen so far. We can therefore play in coop for up to 4 players, in PvP or PvE. The exact release date is October 12 and available on Game Pass from day one.

Contraband got a very short trailer with little info. Looks promising but we don't know more yet.

Sea of thieves

The super cool info of the evening, this game will be entitled to new features. As a fan of Pirates of the Carribean, we immediately recognize the voice of the famous pirate the iconic character: Jack Sparrow. Sadly we do not know that Johnny Depp himself is reprising his role which would have been great.

How not to introduce the coolest pirate of all in a game of… pirates. We will be entitled to other characters like Davy Jones for example. We cannot wait to see it and in view of what has been presented it fits perfectly.


The games of the main plot (4 games) will be available on Game Pass and we are entitled to a superb trailer to announce it to us. Full of humor and cult moments from the games.

Battlefield 2044

We are entitled to a pre-Alpha video. It shows the use of a grapple, various weapons and vehicles such as planes, tanks or helicopters. What we saw appeared to be PvP (which makes sense at the same time) and promises a lot of playtime to spend on it.

12 minutes

An interactive trhiller for which we received little information but which is very intriguing. The game will be released on August 19 and made its impact during the conference. So we understand that we will be on an investigation and it promises to be exciting.

Doom Eternal

On June 29, we will be able to enjoy the game on the new consoles for free if we have it on the previous generation.

Fallout 76: Steel Region

Extension in which the Brotherhood is the center of attention. It will be necessary to make the choice of duty or justice and decide the fate of the Brotherhood. In 2022, the Expeditions, The Pitt, will be released.

Elder Scrolls Online

Besides the fact that a new expansion has been released, there is the news that the game will be enhanced and available on new Xbox consoles.

Party Animals

The I will see the light of day in 2022. It seems cool and frustrating. The characters are like hard to handle soft toys, the mini-games or visible sequences are reminiscent of Mario Party games. Considering the name of the game, the party is important. So we will be treated to a crazy and fun game!


The bestselling Hack n 'Slash will be released on August 13 for Xbox consoles.


The game that will be released in 2022 promises an intriguing journey. We can first see a family falling asleep in front of the TV. The father, mother, son and dog. We then see a man running to find his family or flee a threat, then we see him with his wife and child running for the same reasons. Between dream and reality one wonders what it is really about. We will know more in the coming months.

We then have the right to a video on the hit game Halo. Master Chief goes on a suicide mission. He is made to understand that he doesn't stand a chance, tells him that there always is. It moves weightlessly through debris and inanimate bodies. He then talks to an AI that isn't Cortana. He doesn't trust her. Cortana should have been erased entirely, but it didn't happen. This changes the mission of Master Chief.

We then see a sequence on the Multiplayer. This one will be free to play! The Halo Infinite Epic Campaign with Multiplayer is planned for release for the holiday season 2021.

Diablo II Resurrected

We already knew that the game was coming but we had the right to a sequence of the game to remind us of this sweet candy that will arrive on September 23.

A plague tale, Requiem

The sequence shown was full of stress and does not provide any additional answers that the game will be released sometime in 2022.

Slime Rancher 2

A vacuum gun, colorful little monsters / pudding and you who collect them. Released in 2022, nothing more to say.


A new sliding game. A fun looking snowboarding game. It is slightly reminiscent of the glory of SSX without really doing the same. However the game appears to be well done and should be taken seriously. It should be released during the month of December of this year.

Atomic heart

A very eventful trailer with a song that takes you directly. We can see mutants, killer robots, the main character in the first person view was trying to take electronic and mechanical parts. The game is very intriguing, but we do not have even an approximate date for the release.


A game with an assertive graphic style. 2D in pixel but with a lot of detail, so nothing gross. The game is slated for release in 2022. It appears to be an action platformer game. We fight with bare hands, bladed weapons or pistols of all kinds.


The game where you are miniaturized, the survival game, the game in a garden, the game that deserves all the enthusiasm there is. An upcoming update titled The shroom and doom update arrives on 06/30. There will be a sizeable addition of content and promises a lot of overtime for players.

Among us

Coming soon. At 15 including 3 impostors, New colors, new tasks. That is all .

A humorous announcement was made regarding The Outer Worlds 2. Nothing is done except the title, that's what the voice-over says. And for many that's already enough.

Flight Simulator

This game is known by its numbers. Huge and ambitious, this game is very popular on PC. Well for Xbox lovers it will land on July 27 with an extension in the fall called Top Gun Maverick.

Forza Horizon 5

They hit hard with that one. The game promises so much fun and time to spend on it. It must also be said that the speakers showed a crazy enthusiasm for the game. Strong exclusivity, this game already keeps all its promises.

The sets taken from reality thanks to photos made in 12 K for the game, the cars as numerous as they are magnificent, the races created and so on. They have integrated a race in Battle Royal mode, mini-games like Pinata where you have to crush a maximum… of Pinatas. A large and beautifully made open world game. The fans will be delighted and those who have been waiting for a good opportunity I think this is it.

Of all the games presented during the conference (30) 90% of them are or will be available as soon as they are released on the Game Pass. This shows how important this subscription is to Xbox.


A game with magic, with weapons, with co-op mode and vampires, which also do magic. It makes for a crazy, action-packed shooter. We recognize the co-op codes through this trailer and the design looks very good. We should be entitled to it for the summer of 2022.

Announcement we weren't expecting. Announcement that proves that at Xbox we have humor. A mini fridge will be released in the form of an Xbox Series X. This one can hold six or eight cans. It will go on sale for the 2021 holidays.

Let’s come to the Square Enix announcements.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Yes, you read that right. A new collaboration between the studio and Marvel. They've made a game that frankly looks a lot cooler than Avengers.

The character design is superb and contrasts a bit with what we know little about movies, while remaining in the same vein anyway. The same characters are naturally present, as far as the guardians go, that is obvious. We even had a nice moment of gameplay.

The game is beautiful, even fascinating, and the gameplay is well thought out. It's about being the leader of the group and making the right choices. We play Star-Lord only, the leader of the group. Through our choices we can see the reactions of each other. The choices you make directly affect the mood and future actions of your friends. We must therefore be careful not to submit to our own choices.

For combat, it's in total freedom and in groups. What is done well, we can command the other characters as if they were in fact attacks or magic spells that we cast. So it's intuitive and quick. We choose the character and his attack. And hop then we continue by guiding Star-Lord.

The game will already be released on October 26 for the Xbox and Playstation consoles.

Horrible moment for me because of a huge emotional lift. Final Fantasy I to VI are out on mobile and Steam. So initially I was happy, because we saw the logos of the different games, then their release on Steam and mobile devastated me. Because, for my part, that doesn't interest me at all. I remain hopeful they will be released on Switch.

Legend of Mana

The game will be entitled to release on June 24 on Switch, PS4 and Steam

Marvel avenger

The game will be entitled to new content. First and most important, War for Wakanda. Brand new missions, new locations, new hero with Black Panther and new villains. There will also be the replayable Random Boss and other new missions.

Hitman Sniper The Shadows

No info except a few small images and released in 2021 or nothing.

Nier Reincarnation and FF VII First Soldier on Mobile this year

Babylon's Fall

An action adventure (at first glance) possible co-op and fantasy world. Nervous and controlled fights. There will likely be different classes, weapons, armor, magic and so on. Specifically, this is a hack n slash action. The game looks genuinely interesting and promises to be fun both solo and with friends. The goal of the development team's studio is to continuously produce content after release to keep the game alive for as long as possible. To see if the promise can be kept. A closed-beta is open for registrations!

Life is strange Remastered

The game will be released on September 30. A godsend for those who haven't played it yet and who are intrigued.

Life is strange True color

A new adventure with Alex as the protagonist. Girl with the power of empathy. She feels exactly the emotions of those around her. She will have to face this situation and use it so that she can find out why and how her brother died. She will even be able to see the world according to the emotion of the person in front of her, which can even be dangerous for her own life. The game will be released on September 10 and we will be able to purchase a package with the first part which will then be available on September 30.

Stranger of Paradise: A Final Fantasy Story

The main protagonist just keeps repeating that he wants to eliminate Chaos (it sounds a bit like Final Fantasy I all of that). He describes it as insatiable hunger. Nervous just like the very bloody and violent combat mode. The Final Fantasy side will surely be found in the story and the cutscenes, but not in this character or the fights. Now we have to wait to know what the game will bring us.

We then have the right to a video presenting some games that have already been released or will be released in the future. A mishmash of sequences.

Warner Bros Games ’Back 4 Blood

The game has been shown several times and we are entitled to Swarm Mode. A mode in PvE. Once as humans but also as a mutant zombie. We can evolve zombies like humans by playing continuously. The game is released on October 12 this year, pre-orders are possible and a beta will take place from August 5. That happiness.

PC Gaming Show

Make way for one of the longest conferences. My recollection tells me that this is often the longest conference or one of E3. And this year is no different from what I remember.

We are entitled to Naraka Bladepoint again, but of course nothing different than earlier.

Dodgeball academia

Dodgeball is cool, video games are cool too. The mixture should at least be satisfactory. And in view of the video it is. We don't have a date but it should be out soon.


A wacky platform game where you are a chef who has to go through levels. We don't understand much but the game design and the seen mode look nice. To see in future news.

Dying Light 2

We are entitled to a little more of the story of the main character. We are not told how it is that he is so good at the course and strong to be able to survive so well, but we are given some answers anyway. You can just hear his voice explaining that he was undergoing clinical trials with his sister Mia. Then there was a major attack or concern and he was separated from her. As the game unfolds he learns that he might find her somehow. The game will be released on December 7 this year. Pre-orders are already possible.


You create your civilization and you have to survive or expand your civilization. Beta available now by signing up on Twitch if I understand correctly.

Orcs must die 3

This is a tower defence game. The levels are relatively large, the enemies numerous. We are entitled to a multitude of traps, catapults and other weapons to defend ourselves. In addition, we are active as a hero because we can use turrets by ourselves or attack orcs directly. The game releases July 23 for consoles and Steam.

Vampire: The Masquerade

A young mother plays hide and seek with her daughter. Girl we don't see, then she comes back to (sad) reality. She searches for her daughter and finds herself in a sad and dangerous world. We are not entitled to more details although it appears that the woman is a vampire.


4-player fights in every man for himself mode. We embody giant fighters in the middle of cities or landscapes that undergo the combat of these titans. A release planned for PS4 and PC.

Lemnis Gate

Humanity is dying and we have to find a way to survive. Space could be a nice option. The real innovation is in the gameplay. This is a strategy-based, turn-based first-person shooter. Just that. Each round lasts 25 seconds during which we do what we want. An open Beta will take place in July and the game is released on August 3.

Next space rebels

You can build your own rocket from an ugly cardboard model to a near life-size rocket.


You play as a group of mercenaries in a country ravaged by war and disease. Combat in tactical mode, a fantastic medieval story. The game will be released on Steam but without knowing the date at the moment.


A long monologue by a man explaining that space can offer humans survival because planet earth no longer offers this option. An expedition is set up, at the end we notice an explosion in the sky and the moon is seriously damaged. Release scheduled for 2022.

FAR: Changing Tides

No game info. It just shows a kid on a makeshift boat. The graphics inspire poetry and appeasement. To see what the game will want to offer in the future.

Lakeburg legacy

Creating your own legend is the goal of this game. To have a completed family tree too. The links between the characters must therefore be managed by the player.

Killing floor

Another space shooter due to arrive in June. Unfortunately without further information.


A diver who can use fish to be able to move or unblock complex situations. A 2D graphic style reminiscent of the Tim Burton universe for my taste. A game that will be available on Steam but without a specific date for the moment.

Helllo neighbor 2

Nothing new from the first of the name if this is not the place where the game takes place.

Jurassik World Evolution 2

The voices of some film actors like Jeff Goldblum will be there, just that it's a pleasure. As for the game, the content will be much more complete than the first.

More dinosaurs, more options. The game will be released again in 2021, so it will be just a question of when exactly it is released.

Gabe Newell (CEO of Valve) took the floor to give news of the Steam platform. There will be the Steam Next Fest giving access via Steam to demos of games that will be released.


A game that should be released next year not before. Solo fights have been shown. What you can say is that it is nervous and bloody as a mode of combat.

A small Hardware point now with:

Impulse Neuro-Controller. A glove that senses movement and even anticipates your desire for movement so it can be even faster when it comes time to press the mouse.

CSL DD Wheel Base. A base to use for a racing wheel for car games. With this base we will have more realism.

Onexplayer. A portable video game console of very high quality and performance. No date or price revealed at the moment.

New Asus PG3 screen ... priced at 3000 € would be one of the most efficient if not the most efficient on the market.

In 2022 Warhammer's Chaos Gate will be released. Without more info or pictures.


A game that takes place in Russia, maybe even in Chernobyl. This is a shooter with monsters or mutants, threats of all kinds. The atmosphere you experience during the video freezes your blood.

EVE Online

Some info given on their Academy and different classes so to speak, like the Industrialist or Explorer.


Cut trees then use the wood to create bridges or other infrastructure to move forward. Here is the pitch of the game. Funny graphics and the game seems dynamic.

A multitude of games are then presented. Various graphic genres but with a tendency for pixel art and 2D strangely. These games can be fun, but it doesn't look like there is much success waiting for them. We may be entitled to one or the other surprise, but no more.

The show therefore ends with some game cutscenes. Whether on PC or consoles, we notice that developers are working hard to stand out from the crowd and create crazy worlds for us.

We can expect more beautiful things in the months to come and even starting tomorrow with the 3rd day of E3 which I will be following for myself but also for you dear readers!

See you tomorrow !

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Tuesday, 15 June 2021 18:40

E3 3rd day (14.06) Capcom, Razer and more

E3 Day 3 (14.06) Capcom, Razer and more

It all started that day with Verizon. A telephone network operator. A conference dedicated to explaining what 5G will change for Gaming. Nothing very interesting as it will only impact the US network for what this conference has to offer.

Intellivision AMICO

Then came the new idea for the Intellivision company. The new AMICO console. This is a console where everything resides in the controllers. Roughly, these controllers look like old iPods. A screen, a roulette wheel. A 64-way wheel, a touch screen. Here are the controllers with the integrated console. A base is with to put two levers. This base also charges the device and allows it to be connected to the television.

The idea is to make a console with totally different ways of playing than what we know today. The other idea is to allow everyone to play and have fun. The cool thing, full of retro games, especially arcades, will be available with a graphic overhaul to make it prettier in the eyes of new generations.

A console party that promises to be able to have fun all together. A nice feature, if you take your controller from a friend who also has an AMICO, you can put your controller in the base and once recognized, the catalog you have will then be available to play with this friend. An idea that allows you not to get frustrated or suffer the moment you say to yourself that you have forgotten the desired game.

Seeing the CEO speak, I see that behind the same base is stored in several copies with a particularity. Each of them is a different color. It may therefore be possible to have the console in several colors, the one presented was white with a blue line. See what the future holds.


It is not about presenting a game, a project on a game or console. This is an important topic. Inclusion, diversity. Inclusion, for everyone, really. It's not about talking more about one community or another. It ranges from skin color to physical or mental disability.

The various stakeholders will therefore discuss how to follow and are all directly or indirectly impacted. There are women, men, who represent the gaming community as a whole but who want to highlight the lack of diversity and inclusion.

As we have seen with Ubisoft, they give importance to this, especially with regard to certain physical disabilities.

Some things seem silly if you are not aware of the concern that really exists. Women and girls often (still) feel excluded and this is naturally not normal. So there is a holiday camp whose subject is gaming, whether it is playing, creating, etc. This idea is to bring together girls who feel lonely. And it works because they support each other and this camp allows girls to realize that they are not alone. The primary concern for people from certain minorities. We think we are alone when not.

There is also the concern for the representation of homosexual people and belonging to the LGBT + community.

All intervened to present ideas and projects put in place. But one thing kept coming back. One essential thing, school education and home education must also allow everyone to feel included and not to exclude others. Diversity and inclusion needs to be taken seriously at the school level at least in order for everyone to understand that we can find everything that brings us together before we see what divides us.

A great initiative that had its place at an event such as E3, hoping to see progress in this area as soon as possible.

Mythical: Blankos Block Party

A totally crazy game. Little guys looking like a clever mix of Funko Pop and dolls.

Quite a weird but nice moment. Totally in the art world, this is a party game. You can even create levels for racing or shooter mini-games.

The idea is also to be able to buy and sell Blankos. An entire market for this subject with an NFT system (unique crypto for each Blankos)

The game was released today in Early Access on PC! So we can immediately take advantage of it and see what it is about. A promise is made, it will never be about making all the money, just having fun and making a living market in the game.

Indie Showcase

A bit hard time for me, I admit. Few or very few indie games appeal to me at first glance, so I never take the "risk" of buying one. Some were more pleasant than others, but all in all I will say that I stay more or less on my basic opinion.

First game was good to see. Lifeslide which will be released on 08/06 on Steam. A colorful world, nicely done and a slightly cubic graphics which brings an extra touch. We're just a paper plane flying through this beautiful world.

Then we come to a pretty interesting game, Frontier Falling. Combat and conquest of space well created and pleasant to see, even if it was very short. Tactical warfare, ship upgrades, it seems well done and complete.

Then, Alliance of the sacred sun. It speaks to me. Looks like a Civilization from the future or from space. A mechanism very quickly recognized and which seems really nice.

Terra Invicta, I have to say, I found the video to be quite muddled. We understand that we have to manage the earth as well as the planets of the solar system and its moons.

A war game with war toys? Yes, Toy Soldiers, and the video was well done. A release scheduled for August this year.

Moo Lander, yes that's the name of this game. An alien crashes on a planet where cows and bulls seem to be the most feared animals. With your ship you must navigate through a very colorful 2D world. A game scheduled to be released in the spring of 2022.

Several games of lesser interest are then shown quickly.

Then came the conference called Freedom Games.

Probably the least interesting moment of all.

Although the start was nice with Dreamscaper. A game or when you sleep you are in a fantasy world in which you have to survive and solve puzzles. If you die, you actually wake up and have to manage your life during the day. At night, asleep, we continue in this world of dreams. See what more this game can promise.

Some games are then presented but were not really transcendent.

Venn’s Origin Stories with Hector Rodriguez.

Well a little report about US Esport. That's all. I didn’t follow any more than that because the interest was not sincerely there. There were no anecdotes that could impact our knowledge or our desire to understand certain things.


This is a moment that can promise great things. The conference begins directly with Resident Evil Village. The team wanted to let fans know how excited they were all with the excitement surrounding the game. We were quickly shown RE Verse, the Online PvP of the Resident Evil universe. And finally we were warned that a DLC was in production for RE Village.

Then came Monster Hunter. The huge success the franchise is enjoying had to have its little moment this E3. First with MH Stories 2 Wings of Ruin. A new trailer is presented. This is clearer with history and probable prophecy. A great story that we can experience on July 9.

Then on MH Rise, version 3.1 of new downloadable quests, paid games too. On June 24 we will be entitled to it.

The great Ace Attorney Chronicles, the latest addition to the franchise. This is a prequel set in Japan and London. You will then have to be part of the investigation and then prepare your defense in court. We were also treated to a visual on certain aspects of the gameplay.

Party, dance of deduction: in full investigation with the detective. We must then make the necessary deductions to know who did what.

Party, summation examination: before the court, analysis of the various jurors and do everything to have them on your side. It will be released on PS4, Switch, and Steam.

They then spoke about Esport by presenting the ProTour with lives scheduled for June 19 and 20, the Street Fighter League and 32 events in 19 countries during the ProTour.


Razer makes his presentation. They present their laptops for the last ten years. Finally they make a PC with AMD, which was expected from the fanbase.

They then presented the future machine. 14 inches the most powerful, innovative, practical that exists. 16.8mm thin. State-of-the-art sound system, THX-certified display, built-in high-quality CPU and GPU. Connections of all kinds from USB-C to Display Port.

Collaboration with Nvidia, an RTX 3060 or 70 or even 80. Perhaps the best, the battery will last up to 12 hours. Pricing starting at € 1,799 and available today.

Lastly, they presented a charger with two USB C connectors and two USB A. A small 130 Watt charger.

They release a computer monitor with 95% DCI-P3 Color, THX certified, 27 inches, with a stand that allows the screen to move 90 ° and integrated cable management. All this at a price of 799 €.

A mask (CoVid obliges) with the latest filters, 3 times more durable, more ecological and recyclable. The mask will have LEDs to be able to customize his mask. Silicone parts to make the mask completely airtight. This is the Hazel project. In manufacture and will only be sold by drop and on their site.

So much for this crazy day between blah and brilliant.

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Friday, 24 September 2021 12:46

Nintendo Direct 23.09

Hi, you know I'm a fan of Nintendo "I" - Richard. I write most of these beautiful articles that I am so proud of. Thanks to BOTRL and its community I can have fun with writing.

I am always so happy to see that a lot of people are reading our articles and am equally happy with the good and bad reviews!
Now let's talk about the Nintendo event. On Twitch we could see what the Japanese firm was going to bring us. Bottom Line: October is Nintendo's new Christmas month.
We already knew that Mario Party was coming out in October, the same for Metroid Dread. But there is more. We have already had some great videos and / or demonstrations of the games mentioned, in addition to some great news. I think everyone expected Nintendo 64 games to come. Well this time it's real! And yes friends. The Switch subscription is evolving and will allow you to enjoy the games of this legendary console.
That's not all ! As if more were needed, Sega will be invited to the party and at the same time to be able to enjoy the N64 games we will be entitled to the Sega games! The classic Sega Genesis games will also be present! In addition to all this, Sega and N64 controllers will be on sale for subscription holders!
Very small downside, to take advantage of it you will have to add this as an option to the subscription, which means - pay more. We don't have any details on the price but it's for October, so we'll have all the details in the days or weeks to come. The list of games will also be given later.
Then other great presentations were made.
The film Mario has its cast! A release date for the US too! In December 2022 the film will be released. Warning ! Crazy casting with Chris Pratt (Gardians of the Galaxy) as Mario, Anya Taylor-Joy (The Queen’s Gambit, Peaky Blinders) as Peach, Charlie Day (Pacific Rim, Horrible bosses) as Luigi, Jack Black (do we really have to tell you the roles he had?) as Bowser and others. A superb casting for a film that could turn out to be very good!
Speaking of gaming franchises, let's talk about Bayonetta. And yes the long awaited 3rd part will arrive! 2022 will be a great year. The video featuring him was energetic and promising. Fans should be won over by this news and presentation!
KIRBY INCOMING!!! And yes, Kirby in full 3D with the new opus Kirby and the forgotten land for spring 2022. Very beautiful and colorful. The game promises to live up to the character's reputation!
Castlevania enjoys a superb reputation, a taste of exquisite nostalgia and a nice revival with its Netflix series. Of course, we are then entitled to a collection of games already available Castlevania Advance Collection is available on the Store!
Splatoon is the perfect mix between shooter and fun. Colorful, funny weapons, real tactics and fierce competition. The 3rd opus has been presented, the least we can say is that the game is up to the task! I see the many games coming up on in. It's also scheduled for next year.
Chocobo GP is probably the surprise of the year. It feels like a real Mario Kart but super cute with Chocobos etc. Another game that will keep your mouth watering until next year. It is an understatement to say that we are impatient!
In short: Knights of the old Republic is coming to Switch, Animal Crossing will have its own live, final DLC for SSM, Expansion pack for Monster Hunter Rise, Dying Light 2 Platinum in Cloud Version for the Switch.
Hope you enjoyed it! See you soon and have a good game!
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Wednesday, 29 September 2021 14:32

BOTRL played it - Diablo II Resurrected

Hello dear friends. I had the (modestly) great idea to give you some impressions of our gamers about new games they played. Naturally, Diablo II came to mind. As fans, as gamers and geeks, some of the members of BOTRL answered that simple question: How fun was it to play it?


What did they feel playing it again? How did the game make it through time? Which caterpillar is the most beautiful of them all, is it the hickory horned devil or the tomato hornworm? Yes, that last question has nothing to do with Diablo, so?



We will begin with Lee’s opinion:

Finally, do we have the game and Blizzard made the good decision to listen to their community with D2R!

The hype was real for me, as soon as the announcement was made, I was only waiting for it!


Now we have the game! The details and the remastered graphics overall is very well done. The fact that the “G” key we switch to the old graphics is amazing. Eye-cancer for sure but the feeling is great. With the “F” key we can zoom in and see more beautifully done details.

The gameplay is the same as the Resurrected is only a graphic remaster and nothing has been changed to the story or game mechanics. The game is the grandfather of Hack’n Slash and the remaster is a real tribute to the game.


The need to play is the same as many years ago and the urge is real to make a big LAN party as back in the time! Play for 48 hours straight with the best buddies would just be epic.

I felt great playing it again, the first hours discovering the game again brought me back in time. If you compare it to D3, I say D2 has far better mechanics, they are better suited for the genre. You must pay attention how to skill your character, how you let his specs evolve, which hasn’t to be done in D3 for example. The runes and gems system is great and there to you have to pay attention what you equip to have the most evolved equipment. This was missing in D3.


The complexity missing in games makes D2R even better. It is something we were familiar with back in the time.

In my opinion the tomato hornworm is the most beautiful.


Jo’s opinion:

Since I played D3, I wanted to play D2R, the moment I knew it would come out. BUT it’s not easy as I thought it would be. In D3 you are guided through everything, in D2 you’re on your own. I only played it for 2 hours, but I am still tuned to know how the story continues. In terms of Spell Knowledge and Rune Knowledge, I have no clue. So let’s see how things will go on for me.


Tough question. To me the tomato hornworm is the most beautiful.


Patrick’s opinion:

My hope was, D2R had to give me the same feelings as the original did in 2000, which was confirmed as soon as I started the game. The music of the main menu, the lobby and the load screen were all promises for a trip in the past. After a few steps and monsters killed I had the feeling as I had back in the time! This is D2!


As a D2 (original) freak, it feels like home, the menus, key binds, everything was the same as before. That with a new graphic refit makes it amazing. The little that was added like the zoom function or other “quality of life” functions lets still have the same feelings as in 2000.

I am really positive about the game and am happy to play it again. Even if life doesn’t allow it anymore to play as much as before, it feels great to make new memories with a game you played a long time ago.

By the way. The tomato hornworm is the most beautiful of caterpillars.



Alex’s opinion:


The firs word that comes to mind is NOSTALGIA. D2 was the first game in which I grinded and farmed first. When I began D2R and its new graphics, I felt like I was home, in my little room and my 17-inch old screen, clicking as fast as I can to take the loot. The feelings are incredible, calculation how to best max up my character, power level my friends and dismember people in PvP. The game is beautiful but has all its old-school style.

It is a real pleasure to play that game on twitch for you all. When I think about it, I was 16 the first time I played it. Damn I get old.



Angry Sunny’s opinion:

For a newbie, it is good, nothing really exciting but easy to play. What was not good for me, players that knew the game took you with them without being able to understand what was going on. The best part was being able to chill with friends, you do not have to think to much and you can play it alone to get all information you want about the story.

 I don't love caterpillars. The tomato hornworm is cute but the hickory horned devil looks cooler.

Bluemotion's opinion:

In my opinion the game is well done. The gameplay and the quest system are really good.

However, for newbies it is quite difficult to step in. After only two hours of gameplay is it hard for me to tell more but I look forward to play more.

No infos on the caterpillar question...


In conclusion, the game may be for everyone. The best way to play it would be to be between friends, especially for newbies so they may be helped. And the tomato hornworm is the most beautiful caterpillar, and that is a lion’s word.



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Wednesday, 10 November 2021 21:34

Zeph is back on the Arma des Dons

Hello everyone. Hope you are doing well, otherwise I hope this article will help you feel better. I am going to introduce you to what Arma des Dons is. The great idea of ​​Unbeulibabeule the streamer is to bring together gamers to do everything to raise funds for the league against cancer (France).

This streamer had this great idea and it's an understatement to say that it's a resounding success. So like all those who are generous or those who are part of charitable works will tell you: "Every sum counts". It must also be said that for a first edition and for streamers who are far from having the influence that some stars in the middle may have, Arma des Dons 2020 will have collected more than 25,000 euros!

It is only natural that all of these streamers were proud of themselves, their contribution and their respective communities.

With a Zeph totally dedicated to the cause, his relentlessness at work to give pleasure, Unbeulibabeule once again trusts him. Zeph has answered the call and will be there again. With 42 streamers, November 27 will be the charity stream with the same idea. Help the league against cancer to raise funds for any use in the fight against this disease.

It is with love, pride and joy that these streamers will embark on crazy streams to bring as many people as possible to have fun, have a good time and donate.

Last year already many people participated in the donations and the Arma des Dons community is counting on you again this year!

On November 27th this crazy stream will take place, with the possibility to donate live, to participate in a unique and very fun event.

As usual Zeph surrounds himself with great people and with Arma des Dons he proves once again that he makes good choices. Unbeulibabeule and his big heart gave life to an event that can make a difference.

But this will only be possible if all are present and give the maximum. Streamers first, viewers second.
See you soon, have a good game and be there!

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Tuesday, 14 December 2021 22:21

Galactic style for controllers and covers

Sony and Playstation seem to like space. The galaxy and the colors inspired by it. This is saying something if we look at the recent news.

And yes Playstation has finally understood or taken the time to make different shells for its latest console. So it was a false debate.

It was clear that it was only a matter of time before this happened, but we can still be happy that it is finally done and the choice of "theme" and especially color is quite good. For my part I actually find that it is well done. We will also start with the hulls, because that is what was probably the most anticipated. For the controllers, we knew that was happening just like for every console that comes out. So let's start with the (a little) less obvious:

coques ps5 3

For my part, I will see a blue hull, while keeping a white hull. To the great despair for my wife, but who can boast of being able to have a PS5 in the colors of her favorite club with official parts of the brand. As a fan of Olympique de Marseille, this blue with the basic white, it will make a perfect effect to remind my club of heart. Enough about me and my follies, I would first have to have the console before thinking of growing my wife's white hair.

The purple chosen for the hull is also very interesting to me. It is a color that we are not used to but which has its effect. It can very well fit into the decor of an already well-established gamer as for a gamer who is still looking for himself. Undoubtedly the color that could have the most success with black. I think black is an absolute must, a timeless one that will surely often be the first choice.

Why not a little madness? Red and pink, these colors would be a little more unexpected choices but in view of the result, quite logical choices! Bravo to the designers who have decided to go for a very special theme but which should delight everyone.

coques ps5

It is certain that the one who does not yet know what color he wants, it is not here that we will guide him. My indecision about the colors is total. Of course if a mix of colors can remind you of a game, sports team or whatever, then why not make that choice? Otherwise you really have to pay attention to what catches your eye the most. For my part, purple attracts me a lot. Being quite atypical, your console can really stand out from your decor. On the other hand, let it be clear, if you want discretion ... you will have to come back later. Apart from the black shell, nothing will be able to match your desire.


Now let's move on to the controllers.

We have the white, basic. Black and red have made their appearance quite recently and now galaxy fashion completes the choices with three other colors.

manettes ps5 2

Once again it's the purple for me that stands out. They are really beautiful. Its color attracts the eye without attacking it, while this cannot necessarily be said of other colors. Of course, I will present the controllers to you individually here so that you can have a better view of each of the controllers. I like the fact that they kept a part in black. I still think they could have been limited to the L1, L2, R1 and R2 buttons as well as the joysticks. The shell itself could have been one color and that could also have had a nice effect. Or have the PS button the same color as the controller to make the color stand out a little more. It is of course a detail and nothing says that my reflections are more correct than the choices made by Playstation.

So that you can get an idea for yourself, here are the controllers individually:

 manettes ps5 bleu


manettes ps5 mauve


manettes ps5 rose


I hope you will like these photos and help you in a possible choice. Otherwise, well I can't help you anymore I'm sorry.

What I like most about all the controllers is the transparency of the buttons which looks really good with the colors. So you will tell me that it is all well and good, but how much, when and where?

So I will naturally answer all of this for you.

The three new colors will be available on January 14 to order on the site, the official sale date of these controllers will be February 11.

And yes it is not very long and who knows, gift for your valentine.

For the hulls it's a little different. The colors black and red will be available from January 2022 in these countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea and the Philippines, at all participating resellers.

For the other colors, it will be current in the first quarter without further details. What remains close all the same. The wait will therefore not be very long. On the other hand, no price was given. For the controllers, we think that the prices will not change in principle. Regarding the hulls or "facades" as noted by the manufacturer, no press release price.
Good news and above all a lot of possibilities for the future.

A good game to all.

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Tuesday, 01 June 2021 22:50

Digital or physical

Hi all. As the name of the article describes, we will talk about digital version or not.


This is not new, the possibility of having games only in digital version has been possible for a long time. The various subscriptions offered by Sony and Microsoft, for example, also make it possible to enjoy very good quality games for a reasonable price. However, it does not seem so easy to go fully digital. So we are talking about buying a game in digital or physical version.


Yet if we look strictly from a practical point of view, digital is way above it. With a few clicks you can even download the game from the console. Saves space, saves time, little or no waiting because if you buy the game online, it can be downloaded directly or at your request. If you buy the game in a store, you have to go in and wait for the console to do what is necessary to be able to play. When you want to switch from one game to another, no need to get up, to put away one disc for another. No risk of breaking the game, losing it or having it loaned and forgotten.


I think that everyone agrees with these arguments, digital is better. When you look at what is done on PC, between all the platforms that allow you to buy a game, it has been a long time since people have (almost) no more CDs for their PC games. So why not on console in the end?


For me there is a simple answer, despite the fact that the Playstation Plus subscription is super interesting, some games can be cheaper in stores. There are more possibilities in terms of promotions because there are many more resellers who can make various offers and finally the second hand market is also an aspect to take into account. I was lucky to be able to have some games for very low prices. When I got really good offers from Playstation, it was about games that were already two or three years old.


We still notice that digital is gaining importance with the latest consoles released. Sony like Microsoft offers a completely digital console. My interest was very great right away, afterwards I thought about the fact that I still need a Blu-Ray player for some movies and some series, so it would be a shame to have to take an additional machine just for that .


So we notice that the fact of going fully digital or not remains a rather complex question as consoles have become central parts of a house, for some at least.

As long as the games remain present, ultimately it doesn't matter.

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