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Wednesday, 26 May 2021 19:41

Soon we'll have the E3

We are going to talk about a big meeting of the video game. So yes it is an often criticized event. However, I think E3 is still a special moment in the life of a gamer.

Personally, I have been watching the conferences live for a few years. Thanks to Twitch, we can see a lot of things and beautiful things!

It's an event you can't miss. I'll give you some details for this special edition.


First of all, this edition is very special because it is completely free and no fan can visit it. Everything is online. 100% online.

They created something pretty cool though. An application will be released, we will / have to register and then see all the conferences, events and other video game candy. For those who are not interested, there will be traditional platforms like Youtube, Twitch or even Facebook to follow the conferences if that is the only thing that interests the viewer.

They have published a lot of things about the possibilities of this application:

1. Exhibitor booth: you will find key information, announcements, special events, etc.

2. Lounges: we will be entitled to a place where all the participants can be gathered for more relaxing moments.

3. Forums: traditional place for discussions (yes also disputes) for sharing between participants.

4. Leaderboards: interactions to make viewers want to use the application

5. Profile creation: as its name suggests, create a profile, avatar etc.


A rather complete and interactive application to give fans the opportunity to stay on the sofa and still live an unforgettable moment. It promises to be pretty fun.

Note that on the E3 site, fans will be able to register from June 3! Do not forget it if you want to have the possibility of being in total immersion!

Since around mid-May there has been no big news as to the participants as exhibitors, here is the list:

Nintendo; XBox; Ubisoft; Square Enix; Verizon; T2; Capcom; Warner Bros; Sega; Bandai Namco; GearBox; XSpeed ​​Games; Mythical; Freedom Games; Net Ease Games; Turtle Beach; OtterBox; Devious Eye Entertainment; binge

So much for the participants. For Nintendo we could hope for something concerning Zelda's birthday. After that of Mario all fans are waiting for new features for this legendary franchise. Square Enix could talk about Final Fantasy 16 (release date for example?) Or see if the info concerning a Souls-like FF will see the light of day. Sega might also have something to tell us since it's Sonic's 30th birthday this year. We are also sure that the other speakers have a lot to say and we can't wait to see it all.

Last info.

BoTRLTV really wants to do everything to be closer to its community and these events. So a registration was made to co-stream the event. Hopefully, the channel will be eligible to broadcast the event on Twitch. You will of course be informed as soon as it becomes official.

Otherwise, you will have all the information as quickly as possible because there is a madman (me) who will look at all this and will share his impressions with you.

Have a good game in the meantime!

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Tuesday, 01 June 2021 22:50

Digital or physical

Hi all. As the name of the article describes, we will talk about digital version or not.


This is not new, the possibility of having games only in digital version has been possible for a long time. The various subscriptions offered by Sony and Microsoft, for example, also make it possible to enjoy very good quality games for a reasonable price. However, it does not seem so easy to go fully digital. So we are talking about buying a game in digital or physical version.


Yet if we look strictly from a practical point of view, digital is way above it. With a few clicks you can even download the game from the console. Saves space, saves time, little or no waiting because if you buy the game online, it can be downloaded directly or at your request. If you buy the game in a store, you have to go in and wait for the console to do what is necessary to be able to play. When you want to switch from one game to another, no need to get up, to put away one disc for another. No risk of breaking the game, losing it or having it loaned and forgotten.


I think that everyone agrees with these arguments, digital is better. When you look at what is done on PC, between all the platforms that allow you to buy a game, it has been a long time since people have (almost) no more CDs for their PC games. So why not on console in the end?


For me there is a simple answer, despite the fact that the Playstation Plus subscription is super interesting, some games can be cheaper in stores. There are more possibilities in terms of promotions because there are many more resellers who can make various offers and finally the second hand market is also an aspect to take into account. I was lucky to be able to have some games for very low prices. When I got really good offers from Playstation, it was about games that were already two or three years old.


We still notice that digital is gaining importance with the latest consoles released. Sony like Microsoft offers a completely digital console. My interest was very great right away, afterwards I thought about the fact that I still need a Blu-Ray player for some movies and some series, so it would be a shame to have to take an additional machine just for that .


So we notice that the fact of going fully digital or not remains a rather complex question as consoles have become central parts of a house, for some at least.

As long as the games remain present, ultimately it doesn't matter.

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