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There are two gods, the wheel and the lion.

Their prophet is Zeph. There are even rumours of him being the reincarnation of the Red Lion God. However, nothing is certain about this. Nowadays, he's preaching the gospel on Twitch by smashing mobs, farming, conquering new worlds, killing Sims, raging with his motorbike, driving on a football field in the middle of the night, followed by long Golf matches in haunted houses. Nothing scares him, as long as he can have fun with whoever wants to join him.

A dream come true and one thing is certain, his passion added to his relentlessness to the day the day makes him a player we love, a player who makes you smile and someone who is not afraid of challenges. Be it via YouTube or Twitch, BOTRL is represented by a person with an always shiny smile and a hot controller.

If you follow this player, be sure to have your eyes and ears ready for awesomeness. Be assured that you will never feel like taking your eyes away from him away and those boring days are over!