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Friday, 26 February 2021 23:28

State of play 25.02

State of play February 25, 2021

It's time for Sony's new presentation. To see what we will be offered this time.


First info is about Crash Bandicoot 4 It’s about time.

The game will be available on PS5 with the various additional options provided by the console and the DualSense controller. You will therefore be entitled to 4K and 60 FPS, the "adaptive triggers", so adaptation according to the pressure of certain buttons, improved audio and other bonuses.

For those who have not yet the game but the new console, this is a game that could be a real addition to your library. Another plus, the loading time is further reduced to be able to better enjoy the game and not have to wait. Transferring backups from one console to another is also possible and is available on March 12.


Second info concerns Returnal.

We will have the right to additional images. The protagonist of the game crashes with her ship and receives a "White Shadow" signal which is unknown. You have to explore a planet to find answers, everything is quite dull and dark. We realize that there was an ancient civilization. We see fantastic and alien beings there.

She wears a kind of Jet-Pack to better move, dodge and flee. She's got a kind of machine gun, she fights against monsters as different as they are frightening. If we die, it all starts again at the time of the crash. The world changes, even the map and enemies change as a result of the "new" crash.

Everything changes after his death, so you better be careful and be prepared to adapt to the new conditions that are due to the character being dead.

It seems that we also relive memories of her life in addition to being on another planet ?! On April 31 the game is released and we can enjoy it.


Third info concerns Knock-out City

The futuristic Dodge Ball game is also featured here (see Nintendo Direct). Game play is explained in more detail. We can shoot, feign a shot to be able to hit for sure. There are also different balls that you can use. How to move around the map is also shown and it looks very dynamic and you will have to get used to it and adapt quickly. The game is released at the end of May.


Fourth info concerns Sifu

We see a somewhat cel-shading and square graphics. We see Asian-type people fighting there constantly. You notice that the main character gets old during the story or every time he is knocked out? It’s not clear at first glance. We'll have more info later this year.


Fifth info about Solar Ash

We are entitled to a fairly magical graphics, very colorful and almost disco in the light. A smooth and fast platform game. There is a black hole that swallows everything, Ray the "void runner" that we embody will do anything to be able to save his world which seems very large. This is a movement game and you better have good reflexes and be prepared to die often. There will be more and more monsters and both timing and speed will be very important.

The game seems quite unique in its genre and the story can be fun as well, the music sounded very catchy too.


Sixth info concerns Five nights at Freddy's: Security Breach

A horror game, of course, we all know this franchise. The still terrifying animatronics, the music more than catchy and at the limit of giving anxieties. It’s brilliantly done. The levels presented seem very large for this kind of game especially. The voices that speak to you and especially threaten you mixed with the music manage to give you the jitters without even playing.


Seventh info concerns Oddworld Soulstorm

The game had already been presented and it had already been explained that the game looked very beautiful. We are confirmed here. We are introduced to game play a little more. The usefulness of having friends with you to be able to solve puzzles, you can choose to play as an anarchist or as a pacifist, you can take control of some enemies. You also need to have different items so that those following you can help you properly. You can play the way you prefer during the game. Depending on your actions, you may be more or less efficient.

It will be released on PS 4 and 5 on April 6.


Eighth info concerns Kena Bridge of spirit

We get more info and more visuals about the game. Little minion monsters, a girl who looks like a Disney princess and super relaxing music.

She wants to go on a quest and asks the sage's approval. He warns her and we then see the girl confronting enemies. We find ourselves between in-game images and small videos.

The graphics are very beautiful, the music catchy. The game seems to fill all the codes to be successful. The game will be released on August 24.


Ninth info about Deathloop (again)

The music we know is good, the game play we know, the story makes it pretty cool, the graphic style must be appealing. We review what we have already seen but with some different details. A really well done trailer, but if we have already seen the other presentations about the game, it will not bring you anything new.


Tenth info concerns FF7 Remake Intergrade

If I have to present this game, I have a question: Where have you been for the past 25 years?

So this is an overview of the version for the PS5. We see Cloud and Tifa, like Barrett and others. We also see Yuffi and his allies. We are entitled to in-game images as well as videos of all kinds. Always so beautiful, always so dynamic, always so iconic for those who like this genre.

You get a comparison from one console to another. The difference is not revolutionary, it is true that the light does make a certain difference. However there are times when I am not sure I prefer the PS5 version.

On the other hand, the music gives me chills. We are also shown how the loading time is reduced, the possibilities in photo mode and a new episode with Yuffi that will be available.

If you already have FF7 Remake on PS4, there is a major good news, the upgrade to the PS5 will be free and the backups will also be transferable from one console to another. However, the episode with Yuffi will need to be purchased after the upgrade has been completed.

This version will be available on June 10 across the world.


That’s it for the presentation, there was a lot of info but for Oddworld or especially Deathloop, it was still quite poor in additional info.

On the other hand, Solar Ash as well as Returnal and Five night at Freddy were quite striking. I'm not necessarily into horror games, but the atmosphere set up was really pleasant for the last game cited. Returnal demonstrates that it can be a major console game if what we've seen is true to the full game. To Solar Ash, it looks like a Sonic with a whole different graphics and vibe unlike the blue hedgehog, but in terms of game play it's pretty close. You have to be quick and it's a smooth platform game.

As for the rest, I'm not sure what to think. It’s to be seen in the coming weeks.

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Friday, 09 April 2021 23:30

Franchises I love - Final Fantasy

Franchises I love


Hello, this article will be one of the most fun to write. Simply because of the memories for this franchise. This franchise is by far the one I love the most. If I had to do a top 3 it would be easy to do. There's Final Fantasy first, Mario second, and Zelda hangs in the balance with Pokémon for the third place. For some who know me, they would say I forget Fifa. So no, I'm not forgetting Fifa, which is also an obligation for me. I also like this franchise, but emotionally it lags behind. While this is a game you can play at any time, the three franchises on my podium require a special mindset and above all, time. Because yes, when I start playing one of these games, I have to be sure that for a minimum of two or three hours I will not be interrupted. I need to be able to immerse myself and be able to do as much as possible to have fun that defies everything.

So let's take a look at the games in this franchise that I've played (or that most impressed me) in chronological order.

FF VIII and VII are the first (yes in that order) that I played and I thank my brother who discovered these games when we were young. I must have been nine or ten years old. I remember before that I didn't play video games that much. Then my brother had these games and we would time each other to see who was allowed to play next.

So I would often watch my brother play and try to do as well as him. The stories of these games, the way they were told hit me hard. I thought the storytelling was great and I was hooked by these games. After playing FF IX and X, which I liked a lot less at the time probably due to my young age. Released in 2002, its style of storytelling was less obvious to me to accept and understand I think. The same year were released the compilations including the FF I and FF II, FF IV and FF V, but also FF VI in game only. All this on Playstation first of the name.

I learned English with these compilations and played around trying to understand as much as possible. Once I start English lessons, one will help me progress in the other.

In 2007 I had an extra blow with FF XII, my attention turned a little more on the games. And presto, we have a hardcore FF lover. So I also took over FF I to VI. My playtime exploded with the IV, V and VI. The IV is excellent and the VI is one of their piece of art for me. The V is really cool due to the import of "Jobs", plus you can change as many time as you want. This well-shaken cocktail made me a die-hard fan of this franchise. I also took again FF II, which had a pretty cool gameplay which I did not understand too well due to my level of English which was still too low in 2002. It is to know that the games released on Playstation 1 were only available in English. and that we had to wait for the versions on Game Boy Advance (which I also have yes yes) to have them in French.

FF II was a little slap in the face for me too, as the fact that you didn't get an EXP point and had to register keywords to use with the right people at the right time was intriguing. You were asked to know how to manage your characters and the unfolding of the story on your own. It was pretty impressive for me and I found it exhilarating. I remember I had a game on Game Boy Advance that was pure genius, I felt unbeatable and it must be said the story was well told.

For Final Fantasy XIII, this was the first time that I had real expectations and that I followed the information regarding its development. I felt what I can feel a lot more often today when it comes to video games: A longing for a new game. Just that longing for a new adventure to play. I was also afraid as some reviews were starting to fall on the game and especially that it was taking a long time to finally come out on the market. With the game in hand, I spent my time solely on this game. It was one of those games that you just can't look away from. I finished the main story in about 65 or 70 hours, in two weeks. Yes, an average of about 5 hours a day. This game made me love the franchise even more. However, I also understood the main criticism of the game which was that it was a bit of a “direct and straight line” game, with less freedom than what you are used to having. It was not wrong and it was more or less obvious at times. That didn't stop me from loving this game.

And then came the wait for Final Fantasy XV. Between the 12th and 13th there was a three-year wait. From 2007 to 2010. For FF XV we had to wait for 2016, six years therefore.

At this point I want to give an update on the FF games I have. We are now in 2016/17 and I have: FF 1 to 6 three times, except FF III of which I only have the Remake on DS, I have FF 7 to 9 twice (I did not yet have the Switch so today also three times for these games), I have FF X, X-2, FF XII twice because I bought the PS4 version as well. I have FF XIII and inevitably also FF XV which arrives last at this time.

I didn't want to spoil anything for the game because I remember how many feelings I had for the previous game. So even almost a year after its release I don't know anything about the game except that you have a great customizable car and some pretty special characters with you and that you will be in Bromance mode. Once I had the game, I couldn't look away. I played a significant number of hours and loved each one. This game is a pure masterpiece for me. Everything was good in this game. Everything you could have to do, main quests, side quests, quests to improve the car, hunt monsters, cook for better stats, how to heal yourself by hitting others with your magic, how to use magic, how to lead each character. Everything, everything is superbly done and nothing would have to be changed if it only concerns me. I liked every point in this game. I find no fault with it.

What I liked most was the storytelling and the gist of the story. I must say that the way everything is told, I put this game in number 1. It is touching, addicting, beautiful and even poetic. It goes against the way of fighting which is more nervous, powerful and dynamic.

Since then I haven't had enough to satiate myself, but once the Nintendo Switch in hand I bought FF VII from FF IX. I finished the IX first because it is very beautiful I think. A beautiful story and the graphic style I like very much.

My dream right now would be to get an import of the "classics" FF I to VI on the Switch. It would be really nice to be able to enjoy it, especially when you see that you can enjoy classics like Dragon Quest I to III, FF Legends or the "Mana" games are available, so why not those?

Like most people, I had the pleasant surprise of seeing the presentation of the youngest, Final Fantasy XVI. A return to medieval fantasy, a return of crystals and a new way of seeing Shiva, Ifrit and the others we have called Espers, Eons, G-Force or even Eidolons. Everything looks very promising. When we see the video we also realize that there will be more blood visible than we are used to, the director who is the one who took care of FF XI And XIV is trustworthy. Everything is therefore implemented so that the last of the franchise is at the height of its elders.

In short, you will understand I find no fault with this franchise and their developer Square Enix formerly Square Soft. The future looks bright as a future FF will be released and that's already good. Final Fantasy has given me a lot over the past 15 to 20 years and I've loved playing around with every character that these games have given me the chance to control. Rich, sad and happy stories. Epic and frustrating fights. Today there are great memories and tomorrow there are new quests to discover. I look forward to writing to you again regarding this franchise.

So my top 3 FF with logos just for fun (from 1 to 3, from left to right):



logosff groupés



Total ranking after the top 3:

  • Final Fantasy VII
  • Final Fantasy XII
  • Final Fantasy XIII
  • Final Fantasy II
  • Final Fantasy V
  • Final Fantasy IX
  • Final Fantasy VIII
  • Final Fantasy I
  • Final Fantasy X
  • Final Fantasy III

Of course, it's not just a good-to-bad ranking, but mostly from the one I liked the most to the one I liked the least. But each of these games brought me joy and I loved playing it and will love to play it again. I tell you, in the next article.

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Wednesday, 21 April 2021 21:24

Video games subscription

We will discuss the offers that the different manufacturers can offer, not those available in cloud mode only like Stadia, Shadow or other.

Here I will only discuss what the major console manufacturers offer. We also focus on gaming, games. No other options available with these subscriptions.


We will start with the Xbox offer, the Game Pass. There are a lot of good games available and a catalog that is pretty well stocked. With the start of the Beta for PCs and iOS mobile devices, this offering will grow even further.

The offer made by the Game Passe still offers a fairly huge catalog of games and especially very well classified games. There are even games that are or will be available the day they are released for sale. One more argument. With the future possibility of being able to play in cloud mode, on Smartphone and on PC / Laptop, this will only go further in the available options.

The main competitor being Sony we will move on to their offer. PS Now is very ambitious. The catalog is extensive but there are not only good games, it must be said. However there are games ranging from PS2 to PS4. More and more blockbusters are joining the catalog and this is only to the delight of fans. In addition there is already the possibility of playing via a computer. Via a simple application, with a PS4 controller, a subscription and you can enjoy it quietly.

Let's not forget that Playstation still has the PS Plus. This subscription is nevertheless also very interesting. First of all it is necessary if you want to play online, it is necessarily the less cool side. However, you get free games. And not just any game, for example I have benefited from games like Fall Guys which I find super nice or The Last of Us Remaster for free. Every month you get free games as you read by these examples, good games are available! In addition, you have exclusive discounts that defy all price competition.

The two offers can be compared without worry and here too it goes shoulder to shoulder. Why does the Game Pass have a better rating? And certainly due to the fact that the games from the Xbox studio are available from day one via Game Pass. This is a huge advantage. On the quality of the entire catalog, the Game Pass is ahead, Sony has played on the quantity but is clearly starting to expand its catalog in terms of quality.

And then we have Nintendo. They always take everyone in the back by always doing something very different from what everyone else is doing.

No Pass or anything else that is clearly close to the competition. On the other hand, I admit to having fallen completely under the spell of their offer.

An offer defying any price level. And then it will be pretty much all. There are cool games in Battle Royal mode like Tetris 99, exclusive offers but above all we pull on the sensitive chord of nostalgia.

A catalog well supplied with NES and SNES games. The hammer blow is the possibility of having old-fashioned controllers for the Nintendo Switch to play these old games. And we want more!

When will the N64 games, the controllers that go with them and who knows, maybe the games of the different Game Boy with controllers representing the bottom of these portable consoles?

It would be super pleasing anyway. On the other hand, it does not seem at all that it is planned to compete with Xbox and PS for a cloud system. On the other hand, they have created their own amusement park ...

However, the future seems promised with beautiful things concerning the three firms and it is certain that everyone will find themselves there without too much concern.

The future will tell us what we will be entitled to shortly.

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Wednesday, 11 August 2021 19:16

Game genres - Plateforme

A genre that goes well with others. Totally iconic characters. Whether we are talking about platform games or a mix of platform and action or adventure, there are a lot of games.

Here's a little list to see just how much this genre has created iconic characters:

Mario, Sonic, Crash Bandicoot, Samus Aran, Spyro, Rayman, Mega Man, Donkey Kong and more.


Mario is probably the best known of all. The little guy who makes his way through dangers with fireballs, red, green or blue shells etc.

Crash Bandicoot which was reborn after a magnificent Remaster and a brilliant 4th opus. Rayman who with his particular style can make us angry but continually love his stories.

Donkey Kong, although already in the video game scene has a huge notoriety too (maybe especially) thanks to his games on Super Nintendo.

Sonic who has become such an unmistakable and recognizable character. It remains one of a kind to this day.

Spyro what can I say, this fiery little dragon who must help his fellows when he does not yet really know how to fly. Will we be entitled to a new opus on Next Gen? It would be nice.

Samus Aran who knew how to impress everyone because until the end of the (first) game you couldn't tell she was a woman. She became a real icon of the video game world. A new game is coming soon (it's about time)

Mega Man who is certainly recognizable and known to players, it is perhaps less so to people who do not play regularly. This character remains a reference all the same.


This genre has bound to be a part of my life since playing video games. Sometimes impossible to follow, other times too simple. The developers always do everything they can to be able to confuse you and make you angry. Let's face it, there is a bit of nastiness behind it all. They love to see us suffer.

We must also say that we want more. This genre has been around for so long. If we take Mario as an example we are in 35 years of agony, rage and questioning about life. I'm exaggerating a bit, it's true.

Remember your last games on this kind of games. There is some truth to it.


Recently I got back to Metroid on NES and SNES. I have these games via my Nintendo Switch. Thanks to the subscription I even bought the controllers to have the same feeling as in the past.

If you have any doubts about the quality, check out my article on controllers. I say more. Honestly, we can easily find ourselves 25 years back. These games remain fun to play and their story is well written.


We continue to have a lot of fun. Like a lot of people I also have the new versions of Crash and Spyro. Games that I loved replaying and can't wait to pick up again just by writing these few lines.

What makes these games enjoyable lies precisely in the difficulty and the pace. You have to be sure to jump, run or attack at the right time. All of this is a real challenge and gamers love to take on challenges.

The pace is pretty brisk too, cut off by boss fights, where  it's more a matter of what moves the opponent makes in order to be able to counter them or not get ripped off. We also have bonus stages, like having to fly with Spyro, through rings and in a time limit.

Also having so many different worlds, levels, stages in these games that renew the desire to play and to succeed. The more we advance, the easier it is not to be fooled by monsters, robots or other adversaries.

As gamers who got to play the early games of these characters and saw the birth of some, it's a real pleasure to see that platform games continue to be so popular.


Only the Crash and Spyro Remasters prove it. Both "old" and young gamers agree on these games and that's great news. While some, like Mario, are so iconic that every game will be a success, other games like this exist and they have their own well-deserved glory.


So don't hesitate, if you want to take on a challenge, if you want to rage or live unforgettable adventures, platform games are for you!

Don’t hesitate to give it a go and have a good game!

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