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Sunday, 26 July 2020 18:53

Ghostwire: Tokyo

GhostWire: Tokyo is a video game in development slated for 2021, which will be a temporary console exclusive on PlayStation 5 and normally at the same time on PC but later on other consoles like the Xbox one.

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Saturday, 03 April 2021 20:11

Review of Immortals Fenyx Rising

Ubisoft released the adventure game Immortals Fenyx Rising at the beginning of December, just in time for the PS5 launch. Originally, the title was supposed to be released under the name Gods & Monsters.

I bought the game as one of the first games for the PS5 and have played through it in the meantime (Platinum trophy included).

If you take a look at the game at first glance, you might think that the tried-and-true (and by now somewhat worn-out) Ubisoft formula is being applied here as well. Those who have played some of Ubisoft's game series (e.g. Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, Division, etc...) probably know what I'm talking about. I'm not saying that these games are bad, quite the opposite, but the flow is often very similar. A huge open world that needs to be explored. To unlock certain areas, you climb a tower, hack a computer, and so on... and a part of the map becomes visible, where certain chests, side quests or simple sights are shown. Some of these side activities are important to progress in the game or to strengthen your character, others are just for completeness and to get certain achievements/trophies. One thing in advance: of course Immortals Fenyx Rising also makes use of this formula, but while playing I increasingly had the feeling that much more passion was put into these side activities, apart from climbing huge statues to uncover a larger area on the map.

I won't go into the main story here, I'm mainly interested in the general gameplay and the activities outside the story. To go a little more into these side activities, I will now explain the different tasks.

Starting with the chests, there are hundreds of chests. However, they differ in 3 variants. There are the "simple" chests, which are marked on the map and which you can simply open when you have found them.

Then there are chests that can only be opened after you have defeated a group of enemies.
Last but not least, there are chests that only become accessible after you have solved a smaller or sometimes somewhat larger puzzle.

Next to the chests there are so-called Fiesko activities. These puzzles are not particularly difficult, it is only a picture from four individual blocks to assemble. Here it is only important how you move the blocks so that you get the picture together.

Then there are Lyra challenges. In each area there is a large lyre (a kind of harp). On this lyre you can activate one of 4 strings with your bow and arrow to play a melody. In the areas distributed are then several small Lyra's, which always play a certain melody. You have to play these melodies on the big lyre to get a reward.

Another challenge are constellation activities. In my opinion, these are the most challenging open-world activities in the game. There, you have to recreate a certain constellation with the help of several spheres. The constellation is shown on a board and on the floor in front of it there is a square grid of holes into which you have to put the spheres in order to recreate the constellation. The difficulty is to find the spheres in the immediate vicinity. Some spheres are relatively easy to get, others are a bit trickier to reach.

Then there are smaller sprint challenges, where you have to reach a checkpoint in a certain time, and bow challenges, where you have to complete a certain path of rings with your guided arrow. The bow challenges are also a lot of fun and require some skill.
As a final feature, there are also smaller dungeons, the so-called Vaults of Tartarus. These are instanced areas that you have to go through, either by solving the puzzles in the dungeon, or by defeating waves of enemies in an arena. And there is a lot of variety in these dungeons as well. I don't recall one dungeon being like another in terms of puzzles. And there are many dungeons on the world map... some of which are also coupled with the main story.

All in all, these open-world activities offer quite a bit of variety, but the special thing in my eyes is that none of the puzzles resemble each other too much. There are always new approaches to solving the puzzles, and the abilities that you can gradually unlock play an important role. Sure, at some point you'll figure out the solution quickly, but the way to get there is always different.

With this review, I simply want to highlight a game that, in my opinion, rightly got its very good ratings and which, for a long time, offers a lot of variety and is very entertaining.
In many reviews, Immortals is also compared to genre giants like Zelda. And I personally think that Immortals definitely has what it takes to be a good Zelda representative in the Playstation universe.

I can recommend this game to every Zelda adventure-like fan, and also to fans of action-adventures in general. Even though it doesn't have the scope of a Breath of the Wild, you'll still have 40+ hours of activity if you want to complete every single activity.

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Sunday, 13 June 2021 00:58

E3 1st Day (12.06) Ubisoft and more

If there are important moments for a gamer, E3 is one of them. It's a certainty. So your servant condenses everything to you in a beautiful summary that I present to you here.

I wrote by hand during each live to keep the best. And here it is:

Initially, we were treated to a multitude of presentations about Ubisoft, its operation, some of the key employees and gameplay. To keep us waiting between each session, we had the right to an in-game moment. A walking viking, a moving car, boat or plane. It was never long but always very controlled. So it slackened the pace a bit, which was necessary at times to be able to take full advantage of each announcement. Now let's move on to the concrete. What does the games say?

Cool announcement for Brawlhalla, ninja turtles will be one of the playable characters. We got a glimpse of what these turtles will be capable of and it promises to be epic. For The Crew 2, we will be entitled to the next season in July. With routes from the east coast of the USA. We are also given figures on games streamed, 2 billion assassinations (great), more than 10 billion km traveled and more than 160 quadrillion points of experiences gained!


Ubisoft Forward

First game shown in more detail, Watch Dogs Legion, Bloodline. A cutscene where we see Wrench stealing a device from Aiden Pearce. Himself being caught and tortured to retrieve this object. We then have the right to action, explosions and other epic moments. All this "available soon"


We come to Rainbow Six Extraction.

As its name suggests, extraction missions will have to be done. The alien parasite has evolved, humans and their weapons too. Extractions must be made in a three-way co-op. Different monsters were presented including rather classic genres like those that explode, those that fly, those that are huge and bogus. We are then shown gameplay that seems complete. You have to detect monsters, know how to get them discreetly, attack at the right time and always be on the alert. There are points where we can refuel to be able to continue the mission. The game is released on September 16. The stake also lies in its evolution. You can have nice upgrades and good weapons, but if you are captured, you can lose everything and you have to start all over again afterwards. Video full of promises and very well done.


Rocksmith +

After Rocksmith, this is its evolution. If we have a guitar and a phone that's fine, you've got everything. The phone can be used as a microphone that can tell you what you are doing right or wrong. They've pushed the system to its limits by giving direct community help, very detailed recommendations, and equally well-done in-game help. A huge library of songs, you can create your own arrangements and perfect them. A Closed Beta is available by registration now.


Riders Republic

A game that looks really cool. You can snowboard, cross bike, wingsuit or even paraglide. In the race, in exploration, in an arena to do tricks, in competition. There is something for everyone. There is also the possibility of having a hang-glider with reactors or a bicycle with reactors. There were no more details about this but it is surely an upgrade to do. This game also seems very promising and will be able to rage more than one I'm sure. If the mechanics are well done it will be able to meet a great success.


Just Dance 2022

Todrick Hall, choreographer, musician, singer and dancer and and and, presents his work with the team of Just Dance. He rewrote his hit Nails, hair, hips, heels for this game and naturally he also created the choreography. It promises to be a game for everyone and no matter why you play, you will have fun. Sport, fun, dance, learn to dance, the game will suit without worry.


Assassin's Creed Valhalla

A new expansion will be released, Siege of Paris. As ambitious as the Vikings were back then, this expansion will have a lot to offer. Between missions, weapons, clothes, enemies and intrigue, players will have plenty to do. We will also have the opportunity to travel with this game. A journey through time that will give players the chance to see and play for themselves the life of the time with historically correct moments. Small nice detail it must be admitted.

We then have the right to trailers concerning the series / films on which Ubisoft is working. I did not notice too much because I did not find it interesting. Make way for games!


Far cry 6

We are entitled to a cutscene to see even more complexity concerning El President. Dani takes her friends and others in search of help and brings them back in a fishing boat which must allow them to escape. However the boat is stopped. We hear that the captain is being assassinated. El President comes down and talks about him and his father going fishing together. His father kept only the big and beautiful fish and released the others. This is to make the metaphor with what he has just "caught". El President's son was among those who fled. He takes his son with whom he has a conversation. On his way up he told one of his soldiers to "release the other fish" so to kill them. Then no more light and gunshots. End. Very good time and we see that in writing the team behind this game knows how to do it very well.

We are then entitled to a presentation where the player seems to be some of the most emblematic villains of the series. Being part of the season pass it will therefore probably be possible to play small campaigns in the skin of the villains of some of the Far Cry games.

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

A huge sprawling purple villain is after some lovely little stars. Mario, Luigi, Rabbids and others set off on a galactic and crazy quest to save the entire galaxy from this threat. The proposed design is that of a pre-Alpha and already it promises to be better than the first in the series. We will certainly have fun playing and we promise, those who played the first will not be tired of the second. Game that won't arrive until 2022, however.

Last candy

We quickly recognize Pandora. For those who have understood we are talking about the planet of the Na'vi, for those who have not yet understood, the planet and the inhabitants of the movie Avatar that I recommend to everyone. Even if the scenario is based on a simple frame that we can recognize, the fact remains that this film is beautiful visually and from the point of view of the story. This is a game that does not take place in the plot of the film, at least it does not appear to be. The game is called Avatar Frontiers of Pandora. This too is only scheduled for next year. The video gives us a very faithful representation of the flora and fauna of the planet, the Na'vi and human vehicles. To see if the game will do justice to the film.

Gearbox Entertainment

I've never played Borderlands, but I like the universe. Every time I see videos on the subject I find it captivating. It starts with a small video presenting the Gearbox University, so humor. Presenting us the diploma in sociopathy or even regular medialogy or whatever it is you do -ology. Quite nice therefore with the images of some of their games and characters.

We are at the filming location of the movie Borderlands. We are introduced to the director and Ramirez who will play Atlas. We are accompanied all along by the CEO of Gearbox. They honor Cate Blanchett for her work and humor. Then we see a blurred Tiny Tina, a weapon very well represented and even compared to its version of the game. The whole team working hard to create something beautiful. We then see the two producers who have worked on many Marvel. They explain that they took 2 years to find an agreement with Gearbox to make this film. They accepted this long negotiation because they are sure they can make a great movie with this game. 2/3 of the movie has been shot already.

Back on a sequence of their university full of humor with the voice of actress Mayim Bialek who plays Amy in The Big Bang Theory.

We are entitled to a small presentation on the game Tiny Tina's Wonderland. A fantasy game, with all the codes, castles, goblins etc. The game is scheduled for release next year.

Tribes of Midgard

We can see how the game will work. So a Vikings game. We have a sacred tree that monsters want to destroy. We must therefore, during the day, go find resources, complete missions, kill monsters and then return, enlarge the village, fortify it, create weapons and armor. At night, monsters come to attack the village and you have to know how to defend it. From time to time giants arrive who must win at all costs otherwise it's game over. A game that seems promising and playable both solo and multi. An Action / RPG releasing on July 27 this year.

One last humor session and we leave for a superb video.


On August 10 the game is released for PS4 with a free update on PS5 afterwards. It is Cross-Gen and therefore can be played together for PS4 / 5 players. The same day comes the Lightbringer update. A very specific mission allowing you to loot differently as well as the Fire and Darkness expansion pack. This brings its share of novelties.

We are again on the set to have the right to a conversation between the CEO of Gearbox and Kevin Hart, actor and comedian. He will have the role of Roland from Borderlands who apparently suits him so well.

It was long but very pleasant. Gearbox has proven how funny they can be and not just in their games. Their conference was crazy but not lacking in content either. For Ubisoft, we also had great information. I especially think of Riders Republic which looks very well done. Rainbow Six Extraction also seems to promise hours of games and rage.

For the first day, we were treated to some great conferences. For my part, I can't wait to see what tomorrow has to offer us. Between the desire to see the Square Enix announcements and the desire that this first day gave me, I must say that I am impatient!

See you tomorrow !

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Tuesday, 01 June 2021 22:50

Digital or physical

Hi all. As the name of the article describes, we will talk about digital version or not.


This is not new, the possibility of having games only in digital version has been possible for a long time. The various subscriptions offered by Sony and Microsoft, for example, also make it possible to enjoy very good quality games for a reasonable price. However, it does not seem so easy to go fully digital. So we are talking about buying a game in digital or physical version.


Yet if we look strictly from a practical point of view, digital is way above it. With a few clicks you can even download the game from the console. Saves space, saves time, little or no waiting because if you buy the game online, it can be downloaded directly or at your request. If you buy the game in a store, you have to go in and wait for the console to do what is necessary to be able to play. When you want to switch from one game to another, no need to get up, to put away one disc for another. No risk of breaking the game, losing it or having it loaned and forgotten.


I think that everyone agrees with these arguments, digital is better. When you look at what is done on PC, between all the platforms that allow you to buy a game, it has been a long time since people have (almost) no more CDs for their PC games. So why not on console in the end?


For me there is a simple answer, despite the fact that the Playstation Plus subscription is super interesting, some games can be cheaper in stores. There are more possibilities in terms of promotions because there are many more resellers who can make various offers and finally the second hand market is also an aspect to take into account. I was lucky to be able to have some games for very low prices. When I got really good offers from Playstation, it was about games that were already two or three years old.


We still notice that digital is gaining importance with the latest consoles released. Sony like Microsoft offers a completely digital console. My interest was very great right away, afterwards I thought about the fact that I still need a Blu-Ray player for some movies and some series, so it would be a shame to have to take an additional machine just for that .


So we notice that the fact of going fully digital or not remains a rather complex question as consoles have become central parts of a house, for some at least.

As long as the games remain present, ultimately it doesn't matter.

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