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Wednesday, 29 September 2021 14:32

BOTRL played it - Diablo II Resurrected

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Hello dear friends. I had the (modestly) great idea to give you some impressions of our gamers about new games they played. Naturally, Diablo II came to mind. As fans, as gamers and geeks, some of the members of BOTRL answered that simple question: How fun was it to play it?


What did they feel playing it again? How did the game make it through time? Which caterpillar is the most beautiful of them all, is it the hickory horned devil or the tomato hornworm? Yes, that last question has nothing to do with Diablo, so?



We will begin with Lee’s opinion:

Finally, do we have the game and Blizzard made the good decision to listen to their community with D2R!

The hype was real for me, as soon as the announcement was made, I was only waiting for it!


Now we have the game! The details and the remastered graphics overall is very well done. The fact that the “G” key we switch to the old graphics is amazing. Eye-cancer for sure but the feeling is great. With the “F” key we can zoom in and see more beautifully done details.

The gameplay is the same as the Resurrected is only a graphic remaster and nothing has been changed to the story or game mechanics. The game is the grandfather of Hack’n Slash and the remaster is a real tribute to the game.


The need to play is the same as many years ago and the urge is real to make a big LAN party as back in the time! Play for 48 hours straight with the best buddies would just be epic.

I felt great playing it again, the first hours discovering the game again brought me back in time. If you compare it to D3, I say D2 has far better mechanics, they are better suited for the genre. You must pay attention how to skill your character, how you let his specs evolve, which hasn’t to be done in D3 for example. The runes and gems system is great and there to you have to pay attention what you equip to have the most evolved equipment. This was missing in D3.


The complexity missing in games makes D2R even better. It is something we were familiar with back in the time.

In my opinion the tomato hornworm is the most beautiful.


Jo’s opinion:

Since I played D3, I wanted to play D2R, the moment I knew it would come out. BUT it’s not easy as I thought it would be. In D3 you are guided through everything, in D2 you’re on your own. I only played it for 2 hours, but I am still tuned to know how the story continues. In terms of Spell Knowledge and Rune Knowledge, I have no clue. So let’s see how things will go on for me.


Tough question. To me the tomato hornworm is the most beautiful.


Patrick’s opinion:

My hope was, D2R had to give me the same feelings as the original did in 2000, which was confirmed as soon as I started the game. The music of the main menu, the lobby and the load screen were all promises for a trip in the past. After a few steps and monsters killed I had the feeling as I had back in the time! This is D2!


As a D2 (original) freak, it feels like home, the menus, key binds, everything was the same as before. That with a new graphic refit makes it amazing. The little that was added like the zoom function or other “quality of life” functions lets still have the same feelings as in 2000.

I am really positive about the game and am happy to play it again. Even if life doesn’t allow it anymore to play as much as before, it feels great to make new memories with a game you played a long time ago.

By the way. The tomato hornworm is the most beautiful of caterpillars.



Alex’s opinion:


The firs word that comes to mind is NOSTALGIA. D2 was the first game in which I grinded and farmed first. When I began D2R and its new graphics, I felt like I was home, in my little room and my 17-inch old screen, clicking as fast as I can to take the loot. The feelings are incredible, calculation how to best max up my character, power level my friends and dismember people in PvP. The game is beautiful but has all its old-school style.

It is a real pleasure to play that game on twitch for you all. When I think about it, I was 16 the first time I played it. Damn I get old.



Angry Sunny’s opinion:

For a newbie, it is good, nothing really exciting but easy to play. What was not good for me, players that knew the game took you with them without being able to understand what was going on. The best part was being able to chill with friends, you do not have to think to much and you can play it alone to get all information you want about the story.

 I don't love caterpillars. The tomato hornworm is cute but the hickory horned devil looks cooler.

Bluemotion's opinion:

In my opinion the game is well done. The gameplay and the quest system are really good.

However, for newbies it is quite difficult to step in. After only two hours of gameplay is it hard for me to tell more but I look forward to play more.

No infos on the caterpillar question...


In conclusion, the game may be for everyone. The best way to play it would be to be between friends, especially for newbies so they may be helped. And the tomato hornworm is the most beautiful caterpillar, and that is a lion’s word.



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