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Friday, 24 September 2021 12:46

Nintendo Direct 23.09

Hi, you know I'm a fan of Nintendo "I" - Richard. I write most of these beautiful articles that I am so proud of. Thanks to BOTRL and its community I can have fun with writing.

I am always so happy to see that a lot of people are reading our articles and am equally happy with the good and bad reviews!
Now let's talk about the Nintendo event. On Twitch we could see what the Japanese firm was going to bring us. Bottom Line: October is Nintendo's new Christmas month.
We already knew that Mario Party was coming out in October, the same for Metroid Dread. But there is more. We have already had some great videos and / or demonstrations of the games mentioned, in addition to some great news. I think everyone expected Nintendo 64 games to come. Well this time it's real! And yes friends. The Switch subscription is evolving and will allow you to enjoy the games of this legendary console.
That's not all ! As if more were needed, Sega will be invited to the party and at the same time to be able to enjoy the N64 games we will be entitled to the Sega games! The classic Sega Genesis games will also be present! In addition to all this, Sega and N64 controllers will be on sale for subscription holders!
Very small downside, to take advantage of it you will have to add this as an option to the subscription, which means - pay more. We don't have any details on the price but it's for October, so we'll have all the details in the days or weeks to come. The list of games will also be given later.
Then other great presentations were made.
The film Mario has its cast! A release date for the US too! In December 2022 the film will be released. Warning ! Crazy casting with Chris Pratt (Gardians of the Galaxy) as Mario, Anya Taylor-Joy (The Queen’s Gambit, Peaky Blinders) as Peach, Charlie Day (Pacific Rim, Horrible bosses) as Luigi, Jack Black (do we really have to tell you the roles he had?) as Bowser and others. A superb casting for a film that could turn out to be very good!
Speaking of gaming franchises, let's talk about Bayonetta. And yes the long awaited 3rd part will arrive! 2022 will be a great year. The video featuring him was energetic and promising. Fans should be won over by this news and presentation!
KIRBY INCOMING!!! And yes, Kirby in full 3D with the new opus Kirby and the forgotten land for spring 2022. Very beautiful and colorful. The game promises to live up to the character's reputation!
Castlevania enjoys a superb reputation, a taste of exquisite nostalgia and a nice revival with its Netflix series. Of course, we are then entitled to a collection of games already available Castlevania Advance Collection is available on the Store!
Splatoon is the perfect mix between shooter and fun. Colorful, funny weapons, real tactics and fierce competition. The 3rd opus has been presented, the least we can say is that the game is up to the task! I see the many games coming up on in. It's also scheduled for next year.
Chocobo GP is probably the surprise of the year. It feels like a real Mario Kart but super cute with Chocobos etc. Another game that will keep your mouth watering until next year. It is an understatement to say that we are impatient!
In short: Knights of the old Republic is coming to Switch, Animal Crossing will have its own live, final DLC for SSM, Expansion pack for Monster Hunter Rise, Dying Light 2 Platinum in Cloud Version for the Switch.
Hope you enjoyed it! See you soon and have a good game!
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Sunday, 20 December 2020 22:08

Super Nintendo World

Super nintendo World


In the presentation we are welcomed by Shigeru Miyamoto exciting from a tube like in the Mario games, revealing afterwards the well-known castle from Mario64 (with the originally music). We are standing in a faithful and beautiful lobby, with some paintings. This gives you the impression, to be in the game, the paintings are even changing depending from which side you are looking at them. The speech motivates us to visit the Mushroom Kingdom, which we already want to go as soon as possible.

nintendo world

The exterior setting is breath-taking. It is so well made that you think you were directly teleported into the game. Everything is designed to perfection. The animatronics are more than realistic. Everything goes perfectly together and you can clearly see what Nintendo tried to achieve. You can immediately see that the parc is divided by different themes. You can see Bowsers` castle and some mountains with the Thwombs. Even the lamps are magnificent. They clearly have dig deep in the Mario games for the décor to represent every aspect of what we know so far, and it is executed awesomely. Some parts of the décor are even moving, such as the “POW” button or Yoshi. Sadly, this takes out some naturality of Yoshi, but none the less we must admit that it still looks great. You even see some Koopas, Piranha plants and much more.

Furthermore, we get the explanation that you can interact with the décor of the parc, which is interactive. For instance, you can push the “?” block.  All over the parc are plenty of “activities” to discover. They show us the “Power-up” bracelet, which is clearly inspired by the different characters out of the games. This bracelet helps you to find secrets in the parc or to interact with the décor. It even tracks down your activity in the parc and you can synchronise it, with help of a QR-code, with your smart phone. Which is convenient as you can see where exactly you are in the parc. Afterwards M. Miyamoto gives us a small demonstration, where he taps on a block and he gets a coin, recognisable due to iconic sound. On your phone you can then see that you have earned one coin. You can also see that there are other symbols in the app for your smartphone, so that you can interact with plenty things in the parc. In the end we get the information, that these bracelets, also function as amibos and that you can use them at home.

                                                power band

A genuinely nice Piranha plant is shown to us, without revealing the secret behind it. We get the explanation, that it is one the “activities”. Surely more exciting, then just collecting a coin and definitely more impressive.

By walking through the parc we bounce into a décor with “POW” buttons. A key is visible on top of the décor, close to the guest. By holding your bracelet to the button, you activate the game. The “POW” block illuminates. A green shell appears through a tube and you have to push the block in the right moment to win the game.

We get the information, that there are different “activities”, which are more or less complex. By winning such games, three times, you get access to the “Boss” Bowser Jr. We get no more details on this.

bob omb

The décors are sublime and the musical ambiance lets you emerge completely into the world of Mario. Then we are in a labyrinth, styled as in the underground levels of the games. The visit continues, and we find a block made out of bricks, where we can collect several coins. Mario symbols are visible on the walls and interact with the bracelets. Furthermore, we see a picture of Bowser, like in the old times, and that is it. Afterwards, we are face to face with Bob-ombs, which illuminate and seem to explode at any time. The décor gets smaller progressively, so that you really think you the footsteps of Mario. We do not see all the details the rest of this Labyrinth and it is there where we switch to another area.

Afterwards, they present to us, a building called “Factory”. Those buildings are simply the merchandise shops. We get a quick overview of the goodies, which you can buy. The merch itself looks really amazing and well crafted. They present the Tokotoko Mario, a funny gift nothing special. Furthermore, they show us a popcorn bowl made like a star. Even the places, where you can eat, are in the style of the Mario games. Those places are called, “Kinopio´s Café”. Mario and Luigi are seen in person, so that we can actually meet them in the parc.


Finally, we see the interior of those “Cafés”. A monitor is seen, on which  you can interact with your bracelet and get a gift. Those restaurants are managed by Toads. On the screen a Toad is introducing itself as “chef Toad” and we see an overview of the menus. But the focus is more on the décor of the restaurant and on the tables. Everything is wholesome designed with the well known colours of the Mario universe, which lead to pure joy. Even the food is designed in that way. Few examples are presented, you can have the Mario Burger, the super Mushroom Pizza bowl and even two different deserts, which look delicious.

          menu resto

The opening will be on the 4th of February 2021 in the Universal Studios in Japan. In addition, they tease us, by saying that the whole presentation was just a glimpse of the actual parc and that a lot more awaits us in there. Of course, there will be special Covid precautions. They are even looking to open two other Mario Worlds, such as in the USA and Singapore, as that there are already Universal Studios.

In addition, we get a nice view on Bowsers´ castle. We accompany Shigeru Miyamoto into the corridor and the stairs of the entrance, where a marvellous statue of the main villain is seen. Then we recognize the different, and well known from the Mariokart collection, trophies.

chateau bowser

As you already figured out, it is karting circuit, of course designed like the games. We get a quick view on the cars and the helmets. The karts resemble to those of Mariokart 8 (Deluxe). For the circuit itself, not much is presented, only the cars side by side. The helmets have kind of special visor. Could it be some kind of augmented reality? Honestly we think yes, because otherwise how will you be able to drive through the item boxes and collect/throw shells, bananas and mushrooms? It also seems that the drivers are a kind of team, as they say, “Can Team Mario really win on a course that Bowser knows every detail about?”


That’s it for the presentation of the parc, which is good so that the surprise for the rest will be even more epic. Honestly it was wisely to not show too much, because when the parc will open, social media are going to be flooded with content of the attractions.

Lucky those who can visit quite soon the parc, as what we have seen in the presentation looks more than promising with all the effort put in. For a geek or Mario lover a must visit!

Clearly one of my future big travels (big in the meaning of budget, stay time and emotionally) will be japan. In addition to my love to the story and culture of all countries, comes my passion for video games, so it is quite obvious that I am so excited that I am just drooling by thinking of this journey. In hope that those feelings are the same for other game enthusiastic and that the parc has the success with its opening as wished, we are eager to visit this parc more than once. Why not to dream big? XD

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Wednesday, 19 May 2021 17:25

Franchises I love : Mario

Franchises I love


I’m going to talk about one of the most iconic franchises. I don't know a person who hasn't played one of these games at least once. While I say that, maybe there is my father. On the other hand he was playing Balloons on NES, which is super cool too.

Mario is everywhere in my life. I have a Nintendo Switch Mario Odyssey Edition. I have pretty much every game in the franchise. I have a painting on a metal plate, cushions, controllers, chargers etc. So really Mario is very important to me. Smaller, my favourite character in the franchise was Yoshi. This awesome little dinosaur made me love it. I even remember the game on Game Boy Advance. The cartridge was bigger because it had a gyroscopic device for a rather innovative game play.

Subsequently, there was Super Smash Bros Melee on Game Cube. So yes it’s not a game in the franchise, but with this game I started to be crazy about Luigi. It was also a time when I took more time to play and we were several friends with my brother to play like crazy at this game. So for the Mario franchise I chose this character more and more.

And yes, I'm the little brother, so Luigi was a forced choice when we played together. But the PLAYER 2 that I am fully assumes it. This character is awesome and set apart in Super Mario Bros 2. Excuse me, but these jumps still give me nightmares. Plus if you think about it, Yoshi has that jump right now. A pedal movement with the feet and a glider effect. Remember that the Super Mario Bros 2 game was released in Japan in 1988. So if you are thinking but this style of jumping is super cool! Remember we are talking about game play that is over 30 years old! So no this jump was not the big thing.

Growing up with these consoles was handy, obviously I was able to play all of the Mario games. Almost at least. However, it was mostly with the Nintendo 64 that I got the most out of the franchise. The Mario Party were fabulous, what great memories! These games are magic! Mario Tennis also remains a great series of games. However, I must admit that the version released on the Switch did not please me at all. It’s really not what I expected. There are some cool points but overall I just didn't like this game.

Of course there is also the oh so exhilarating but the oh so frustrating Mario Kart. These games were so great. So much fun experienced with these games. I think I've rarely even laughed so much on a game as this one. His rival being Mario Party, that’s obvious. Still a pretty good player, no rage for this kind of game.

I'm not sure if many people will agree, but the best memories possible with a Mario Kart game are undoubtedly Mario Kart Double Dash. What an innovation to be able to play two on a car, on a screen without it being shared !!! It was totally awesome !!!! To be able to collect two weapons by switching drivers between player 1 and 2. That was awesome. I remember summers playing together. The whole family. In addition to being able to play at 4 with a split screen only in two !!!! Yes I might be getting a little too excited and I realize that I am starting to get old ...

In short, this franchise has always been able to innovate and do new, unexpected things. I take the example of Mario Maker, although it was released on Wii U dung, which I knew I liked. This game was a nugget. Mario Maker allows us to be able to create levels ourselves, to share them on the internet. And when we see the levels created by the players and especially the levels completed by the players we can say that the players are sadistic, gifted and full of resources.

The ever more innovative Nintendo consoles also allow all the games of the Mario franchise to know how to renew themselves. The Nintendo Switch made it possible to give even more great possibilities to the games of this franchise. Mario Odyssey has been able to bring great novelties with the cap to give further impetus to the main game range. Super Smash Bros Ultimate and the huge (even too many) number of playable characters, battle surfaces have given the game a great buzz. Then there are the different game modes which are still quite new, fresh and really add something to this game. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is quite simply a totally crazy planetary success. For example, it is the best-selling racing game in history in the United States, and has been in the top 5 for video game sales in France for almost two years in a row. The latest Mario Party has yet to be tested (by me) but it shows great promise.

I see nothing that can stop this franchise from bringing fun to people of all ages. I can't wait to be able to keep playing some of these games, to be able to tell you about them, to be able to test new things.

In the meantime, play well, play together, be happy. And long live Mario!

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Wednesday, 11 August 2021 19:16

Game genres - Plateforme

A genre that goes well with others. Totally iconic characters. Whether we are talking about platform games or a mix of platform and action or adventure, there are a lot of games.

Here's a little list to see just how much this genre has created iconic characters:

Mario, Sonic, Crash Bandicoot, Samus Aran, Spyro, Rayman, Mega Man, Donkey Kong and more.


Mario is probably the best known of all. The little guy who makes his way through dangers with fireballs, red, green or blue shells etc.

Crash Bandicoot which was reborn after a magnificent Remaster and a brilliant 4th opus. Rayman who with his particular style can make us angry but continually love his stories.

Donkey Kong, although already in the video game scene has a huge notoriety too (maybe especially) thanks to his games on Super Nintendo.

Sonic who has become such an unmistakable and recognizable character. It remains one of a kind to this day.

Spyro what can I say, this fiery little dragon who must help his fellows when he does not yet really know how to fly. Will we be entitled to a new opus on Next Gen? It would be nice.

Samus Aran who knew how to impress everyone because until the end of the (first) game you couldn't tell she was a woman. She became a real icon of the video game world. A new game is coming soon (it's about time)

Mega Man who is certainly recognizable and known to players, it is perhaps less so to people who do not play regularly. This character remains a reference all the same.


This genre has bound to be a part of my life since playing video games. Sometimes impossible to follow, other times too simple. The developers always do everything they can to be able to confuse you and make you angry. Let's face it, there is a bit of nastiness behind it all. They love to see us suffer.

We must also say that we want more. This genre has been around for so long. If we take Mario as an example we are in 35 years of agony, rage and questioning about life. I'm exaggerating a bit, it's true.

Remember your last games on this kind of games. There is some truth to it.


Recently I got back to Metroid on NES and SNES. I have these games via my Nintendo Switch. Thanks to the subscription I even bought the controllers to have the same feeling as in the past.

If you have any doubts about the quality, check out my article on controllers. I say more. Honestly, we can easily find ourselves 25 years back. These games remain fun to play and their story is well written.


We continue to have a lot of fun. Like a lot of people I also have the new versions of Crash and Spyro. Games that I loved replaying and can't wait to pick up again just by writing these few lines.

What makes these games enjoyable lies precisely in the difficulty and the pace. You have to be sure to jump, run or attack at the right time. All of this is a real challenge and gamers love to take on challenges.

The pace is pretty brisk too, cut off by boss fights, where  it's more a matter of what moves the opponent makes in order to be able to counter them or not get ripped off. We also have bonus stages, like having to fly with Spyro, through rings and in a time limit.

Also having so many different worlds, levels, stages in these games that renew the desire to play and to succeed. The more we advance, the easier it is not to be fooled by monsters, robots or other adversaries.

As gamers who got to play the early games of these characters and saw the birth of some, it's a real pleasure to see that platform games continue to be so popular.


Only the Crash and Spyro Remasters prove it. Both "old" and young gamers agree on these games and that's great news. While some, like Mario, are so iconic that every game will be a success, other games like this exist and they have their own well-deserved glory.


So don't hesitate, if you want to take on a challenge, if you want to rage or live unforgettable adventures, platform games are for you!

Don’t hesitate to give it a go and have a good game!

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