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Sunday, 08 May 2022 09:53

The To-Do List

We are going to talk about a phenomenon that I have read that I find interesting. I've always felt a bit guilty for not always finishing the games I buy or for playing them too little and taking forever to finish them! So while point two remains fairly true, the first point is common. In fact it is very common. In fact it is incredibly common!

Indeed, studies show that almost 9 out of 10 people surveyed do not finish the games they buy. It's huge ! Afterwards, the statistics change according to the type of players and, over time (thanks to the Achievements and Trophies) this percentage goes down.

However, the studies remain quite formal, most of the games are not finished by the players. That's crazy, so it got me thinking to do a change. It's been a while since I decided to finish a game before buying a new one. There are only a few exceptions, but they do exist.

Already I'm throwing myself flowers. This decision was the right one. I spend less for no reason and buy games that I actually enjoy afterwards. It also opened my eyes to the colossal number of games that I enjoy! It's not possible the games I want to get my hands on.


So my criteria are more or less simple. From the same franchise I only buy one game if the previous game is finished. For example, I finished Pokémon Shield before buying Pokémon Legends Arceus which I finished before buying Pokémon Brilliant Diamond. Logical and efficient.

There is, however, a small exception to this rule. Final Fantasy games. Yes, it could come out 3 in a row, I buy them! This is how. Pokémon could, should also be an exception. It may be in the future but I must say that the timing was almost perfect for the above listed games. But Final Fantasy, regardless of the timing, it will be bought, period!

So with this way of proceeding it encourages me and makes me want to play as much as I can. So I'm sweating like crazy! And Yes because I haven't finished Xenoblade Chronicles (on Switch) so I have to wait before I can begin to sweat with the two, while the three comes out in summer this year! It's awful.

xenoblade chron. 3

Especially since that's not all. In my list there is also Horizon Zero Dawn, which I got for free and which I regret not having played before. So I also want the sequel to this one because after having tasted the first opus I must say that I am impatient to see the sequel. I still have to finish the first one first!

Then there are other games that I had accumulated before adopting this logic, like The Witcher 3. I let myself be tempted by Tales of Arise, which I am bleeding for the moment, and Stranger of Paradise, a Final Fantasy Story…

As you can see, I find myself with a rather long list of games to finish before thinking about buying other games!


So my to do list for now is:

Tales of Arise

Xenoblade Chronicles 1+2

The Witcher 3

Stranger of Paradise

Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West

It's already not bad I think and I really need to put the turbo. As a devoted father, loving husband and gaga dog master, I don't always have time to play. We do our best and we respect as much as possible the logic of finishing one or more games before buying the next one. Especially in the case of the same franchise!

And you? Do you have a To do list? Tell us in the comments! Here and on Facebook!

In the meantime, good game to all!

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