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Tuesday, 27 July 2021 22:20

Playing and Collecting

Today the subject and how il will be handled will be fun and relax.

I got the idea when I thought about what I have in my office.

This room does not have a desk, or even a computer or anything to write on for that matter. Except when I'm live for the podcast...

I call it my office because "Man-Cave" doesn't work. My office is under the roof, so it would be a "Man-Attic" at best and that doesn't sound great, you have to admit.

What is there? Well, a lots of geek stuff. But full really full. So yes I have less than some but it's already pretty much.

We must admit that collecting is a very common activity among gamers. I am one of them and maybe you are too.

For my part my collection is quite beautiful. We're talking about 130 lead figures from Marvel and DC Comics. Link figures, Crash Bandicoot, a Pip-Boy and more.

collection 06

There is also a Dragon Ball (with 4 stars, the real ones know), a Piccolo, Aquarius from Fairy Tail and others. Then there is a collection of Lego, around Harry Potter, Friends and Batman.

I am a big fan of manga and it was necessary that I have statues on the subject. Lego has been part of my life since I was little, like Friends Batman and then Harry Potter. So of course, when Lego and the rest cooperate, it makes sense that I buy. Lego has done a tremendous job to stay true to the works. The rendering is excellent, it must be admitted. My kids love me explaining everything that is built in front of them and I love telling them about it

In addition I still have eleven closed Lego boxes ... And it's not over, because I still have a good hundred manga, comics and books. Then in order not to stop me there, it would be silly, I have a collection of whiskey bottles, a dozen of on metal printed posters (from Displate). Final Fantasy is my favorite franchise, if you didn't know that then read my articles. It's not possible to miss that. And it is all the more visible. The rendering is great and the works are so well respected!

collection 02


I'm not even talking about my watches for which I don't have room in my office ... Yes, the place where I store my collections doesn't have room, for one of my collections ... all of my sixteen watches. For which I have two boxes, one of which is connected to an electric plug so that my mechanical watches are constantly in motion and thus not stop. They can be watches of all kinds, that's the goal of this collection. I can have black leather, brown metal, gold whatever. Rather, it will be based on a fashion or a moment or a style that I like.

collection 07

That's a lot for one man and my wife isn't the one to advise against all of this. You could say that a good quarter or even a third of what I got was offered to me by her.

On the other hand, she is no better with her 300 books and over sixty Disney figurines, including one still in its original packaging! What a geek, seriously.

Ah yes, little icing on the cake. My socks. Yes, you read that right. Socks. Happy Socks got me hooked I must say. About twenty pairs. From Queen, Keith Haring, Barbecue, pink flamingos and other palm trees.

collection 04

In terms of games, it is not necessarily better. With my brother we bought a bundle of games and proudly took over my mother's games. Between Nintendo and Sega and Playstation we have a good average of forty games per console.

On PS3 and PS4 I have had countless games. For the Wii and the Switch too. The advantage of the Switch precisely lies in the size. Games are much easier to store. Didn't I mention the Wii U? Obviously, we don't talk about it too much. I proudly defended the console, it was hard to admit that the console didn’t do great. It must be said that there were still some games that were worth it like Mario Maker.

So much for me. I enjoyed sharing with you my proud and modest, or not, collections. Some pieces are already fifteen or more years old, not to mention games that can even be over thirty of course.

I hope you liked it and especially relieved yourself of having one or the other collection yourself. Do not hesitate to post us a photo of your collection! How? By commenting on our post about this article on Facebook for example! Proudly show off your collection! Whether it's a photo or a selfie! Go blow our mind!

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Wednesday, 01 September 2021 18:49

The center piece

Hi all.

We had a little discussion about the collections. We have seen that most gamers have a collection of objects that makes them proud and that they have had years to collect.

In this context we all have at least one piece in the lot that makes you particularly proud, or that you love for a particular reason.

For my part there are two pieces that come to mind. First off Hawkgirl from DC Comics. This is a piece from my collection of lead figurines from Eaglemoss. This piece has a special place in my heart because it was my wife who bought it for me.

 win 20210901 18 41 18 pro

This is simply the first piece she bought for me. Proof that she understands my collection, that she encourages my desire to maintain it and to complete it more and more. It is a gesture which seems harmless, but which is not for me. This gesture makes this piece very important to me.

Then there is the 4 star crystal ball. From Dragon Ball of course. It is not rare, it is not special from this point of view. This is simply the collection of crystal balls that I had purchased.

 win 20210901 18 37 06 pro

The others were given to those who were part of my bachelor party. The others had geeky cufflinks (yes it does exist). So this crystal ball represents all the memories of this once in a lifetime weekend.

So these two pieces are naturally special to me.

I could also have talked about my Bardock, available only with the VIP ticket of a special event and that was never on sale. It is therefore certain that it is an exclusivity. However, this is not what I am looking for. I want to know your special pieces. The ones that make you particularly proud!

Like the article on collections, I challenge you to take a picture of your centerpiece!

Where? As a comment on our Facebook post about this article, or simply on our Facebook page! I can not wait to see that. Please feel free to tell us the story about this piece and why it is special to you!

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Tuesday, 21 September 2021 20:22

Transformers by Kim


My name is Kim aka Jazz, I was born in 1983 and adopted in 1985 from my Luxemburgish family, so that I missed the start of the TV series “Transformers G1” better known under the real name, “The Transformers”.

For Christmas in 1985 I got my first Transformer from my aunt, God bless her, and that is where my passion started. I got the action figure Transformers G1 Ultra Magnus, a bit of irony was that the neighbours kid got the Optimus Prime figure, which I preferred. Knowing that the Ultra Magnus was only a repaint of the the Optimus Prime, but it got another charm and got rubber wheels, which was definitely fancier.

But I still liked my Magnus. In 1996 my passion for Transformers decreased, with the TV series of Beast Wars, Beats Metals and Beast Machines. The idea of Transformers which can convert themselves into animals was not for me and didn´t fit in my opinion the initial thought of this genre.

In 2001, when the Transformers RID, which means “Robots in disguise” or in Japanese “Transformers Car Robots”, was released I rediscovered my joy for the franchise. And again, some irony, was that I bought on the Belgium coast an Ultra Magnus figurine in a small shop.

Quickly I realized, that with 17 years I was too old to play with the figurines, so I decided on that day to collect them.

Now I am already a collector for over 20 years. My collection counts more than 1000 figurines and is still growing.

Where do I buy/bought my figurines? In the past I got my pieces from, but quite fast the import taxes increased to that point that I looked out for an alternative. Afterwards, I discovered the German fan convention C.O.N.S Wars, now I am ordering since the past 6 years my figurines from They also get the exclusives from Walmart, Target,, Hasbro Pulse, HasLab, Walgreens, which is a big plus for me as an enthusiastic collector.

Besides of collecting Transformers characters, I also read the comics from IDW Publishing. I buy those comics from the internet site, which I can only recommend, as they are delivered in a good condition not like from amazon…., which can be quite annoying.

Last but not least, I am also collecting all kind of soundtracks and scores from the movies, without sparing that I am in the possession all the DVD’s.

P.S. I also stream regularly on the steam, here is my link

Here you may find some photographs of the collection:


transformers 001


transformers 002


transformers 003


transformers 003


transformers 004


transformers 005


transformers 006


transformers 007


transformers 008


transformers 009


transformers 0010


transformers 0011


transformers 0012



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