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Tuesday, 21 September 2021 20:22

Transformers by Kim


My name is Kim aka Jazz, I was born in 1983 and adopted in 1985 from my Luxemburgish family, so that I missed the start of the TV series “Transformers G1” better known under the real name, “The Transformers”.

For Christmas in 1985 I got my first Transformer from my aunt, God bless her, and that is where my passion started. I got the action figure Transformers G1 Ultra Magnus, a bit of irony was that the neighbours kid got the Optimus Prime figure, which I preferred. Knowing that the Ultra Magnus was only a repaint of the the Optimus Prime, but it got another charm and got rubber wheels, which was definitely fancier.

But I still liked my Magnus. In 1996 my passion for Transformers decreased, with the TV series of Beast Wars, Beats Metals and Beast Machines. The idea of Transformers which can convert themselves into animals was not for me and didn´t fit in my opinion the initial thought of this genre.

In 2001, when the Transformers RID, which means “Robots in disguise” or in Japanese “Transformers Car Robots”, was released I rediscovered my joy for the franchise. And again, some irony, was that I bought on the Belgium coast an Ultra Magnus figurine in a small shop.

Quickly I realized, that with 17 years I was too old to play with the figurines, so I decided on that day to collect them.

Now I am already a collector for over 20 years. My collection counts more than 1000 figurines and is still growing.

Where do I buy/bought my figurines? In the past I got my pieces from, but quite fast the import taxes increased to that point that I looked out for an alternative. Afterwards, I discovered the German fan convention C.O.N.S Wars, now I am ordering since the past 6 years my figurines from They also get the exclusives from Walmart, Target,, Hasbro Pulse, HasLab, Walgreens, which is a big plus for me as an enthusiastic collector.

Besides of collecting Transformers characters, I also read the comics from IDW Publishing. I buy those comics from the internet site, which I can only recommend, as they are delivered in a good condition not like from amazon…., which can be quite annoying.

Last but not least, I am also collecting all kind of soundtracks and scores from the movies, without sparing that I am in the possession all the DVD’s.

P.S. I also stream regularly on the steam, here is my link

Here you may find some photographs of the collection:


transformers 001


transformers 002


transformers 003


transformers 003


transformers 004


transformers 005


transformers 006


transformers 007


transformers 008


transformers 009


transformers 0010


transformers 0011


transformers 0012



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