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Wednesday, 01 September 2021 18:49

The center piece

Hi all.

We had a little discussion about the collections. We have seen that most gamers have a collection of objects that makes them proud and that they have had years to collect.

In this context we all have at least one piece in the lot that makes you particularly proud, or that you love for a particular reason.

For my part there are two pieces that come to mind. First off Hawkgirl from DC Comics. This is a piece from my collection of lead figurines from Eaglemoss. This piece has a special place in my heart because it was my wife who bought it for me.

 win 20210901 18 41 18 pro

This is simply the first piece she bought for me. Proof that she understands my collection, that she encourages my desire to maintain it and to complete it more and more. It is a gesture which seems harmless, but which is not for me. This gesture makes this piece very important to me.

Then there is the 4 star crystal ball. From Dragon Ball of course. It is not rare, it is not special from this point of view. This is simply the collection of crystal balls that I had purchased.

 win 20210901 18 37 06 pro

The others were given to those who were part of my bachelor party. The others had geeky cufflinks (yes it does exist). So this crystal ball represents all the memories of this once in a lifetime weekend.

So these two pieces are naturally special to me.

I could also have talked about my Bardock, available only with the VIP ticket of a special event and that was never on sale. It is therefore certain that it is an exclusivity. However, this is not what I am looking for. I want to know your special pieces. The ones that make you particularly proud!

Like the article on collections, I challenge you to take a picture of your centerpiece!

Where? As a comment on our Facebook post about this article, or simply on our Facebook page! I can not wait to see that. Please feel free to tell us the story about this piece and why it is special to you!

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