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Sunday, 26 July 2020 19:11

Retro of the week: Goof Troop (Super Nintendo)

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If anyone asks me what a fun retro game would be fun to play in co-op, then I would immediately recommend a good Disney video game for the Super Nintendo, "Goof Troop".

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The video game is an action / adventure game released in late 1993 edited by Capcom based on the cartoon "Goofy Troop" and the developers are Game Design (including Satoshi Murata and Shinji Mikimai, Resident Evil's dad, Dino Crisis and Devil may cry).

We play Goofy  and Max who must save their friends Pat Hibulaire and his son Junior. They were captured and brought to an island by evil pirates. Not too complicated the story.

There are 5 levels which are the beach, the village, the haunted castle, a cave and the pirate ship. Each level has a multitude of puzzles and various enemies that must be eliminated and solved logically either by pushing blocks, throwing objects or with grappling hooks.

Now where the game is fun. You can play 2 simultaneously and there the number of enemies does not change. While being alone, we can only carry 1 object and there with two players, it is two objects. Each character has their special ability like Goofy who has increased strength. He can kill his enemies fast. While Max moves him faster than Goofy.

goof troop 3

I had some really fun hours playing this 2-player game. The number of times I get silly mistakes and it ends in laughter. It left me with really good memories.

For that if you bought this game, then play with a friend. ;)

goof troop 1goof troop 2


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