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Sunday, 31 January 2021 18:50


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Available exclusively on the Playstation 5, the studio Housemarque known to be the developer of Resogun and Alienation has just presented the Returnal video game which has been postponed and announced for April 30, 2021

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It is a third person shooter (TPS).

The story begins when an astronaut crashes on a strange and hostile alien planet, with scary and ferocious creatures and dangerous environments.

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The special thing about this game is that when your character is killed by monsters or dies, she always wakes up at the same moment her ship crashes on this hostile planet. We can expect from this big budget gorgeous environments that change each time the character dies or when we advance in the story. With an interesting storyline, different weapons and items that will help us to survive on this strange planet, the game looks more then promising.

returnal 2

Being a Playstation 5 exclusive, Returnal will show us what the console is realy capable of and of course the DualSense controller can show all his abilitys, because it will be different and unique to each weapon you use.

Stay tuned.

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