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Saturday, 09 January 2021 19:39

Back 4 Blood

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During the Games Awards 2020, studio Turtle Rock and Warner Bros. officially revealed and presented the upcoming co-op zombie video game “Back 4 Blood” with a release date of June 22, 2021.


Back 4 Blodd is the successor of Left 4 Dead and is an innovative game with many new features that makes it unique. What is sure is that it'll remind you of the Left 4 Dead game, as you just shoot all the zombies running towards you which just want your flesh to feast on it. The game has some nice highlights, for instance, a new card system, which alows you to upgarde your character.

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This system allows you before each engagement of the game to place cards that increase either your stamina, ammuntion capacity, faster healing or your attack power. Other cards also allow you to improve your melee strength if you start without a gun. That means that those cards a more than helpfull to advance in your adventure, but on the other side, other types of cards,corruptive ones, can turn against you, as they determin which types of zombies you have to fight or can influence the weather conditions. For example, you can encounter heavy fog, which clearly perturbs your vision. These Corruption Cards are chosen by the “Dynamic Game Director” who is there to monitor players and constantly adjust enemies and environment to ensure that every match is unique for the player(s).


There already was a closed alpha of the game from December 17 to 21, 2020 on PC, which left a lot of positive points and reviews on the game.

The Back 4 Blood game really shows a distinctive style and is focused on frenetic gameplay, whether solo or co-op. So I can't wait to play it and have more informations on this game with a strong personality.

It will be released on June 22nd for the Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC consoles.

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