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Monday, 30 November 2020 19:22

Arma Des Dons

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Arma des Dons

1st edition


Zeph was present



It was a great event which can be seen as one more proof that Zeph is a real streamer known by his peers. Zeph can be proud of himself.

He was called to work with a collective of streamers from Quebec. He got more experience of it and the possibility to work with others. Having different point of views, different ways to work, but also being reassured that his work is well done is important for streamers.

Zeph is doing a good job and on the right path. The fact that he was asked to be present at this event proves it. The streamer Unbeulibabeule, I have nightmares when I think about writing this name, asked him to be present. If that doesn’t proves that hard work pays of, then I don’t know what would.

Hands up to Unbeulibabeule, to the streamers, to Zeph. More than anything, hands up to those who made donations.

Donations for whom? For all those who work in oncology and their patients. The association involved is La Ligue contre le Cancer. They even made an intervention to explain what their work is and what they do with the donations. Without fear nor reluctance, they talked openly how the money will be used. It goes from, paying people in research to an hour with a psychologist, the money is really important all the way long as a victim of cancer.

We had a lot of fun during this stream and we finally got a tired Zeph, but always focused on his goals. Most of all, it was the return of Zeph’s rage. His tiredness mixed with his legendary contradict mind created a cocktail that we hadn’t taste in a long time. His friends were present in the chat and a lot of clips were done. Some even played with him and the moments were the whole Arma des Dons collective played together was insane.

Zeph played so much games it is difficult to list them all, but we saw som WoW, Among us and even Agrou. Zeph is always on top and spreads joy during the most of the live. He was playing while tattooing himself. Don’t be afraid, those weren’t permanent. They were tattoos from the chewing-gum brand Malabar which disappear with water. He bought 200 of them naturally.

He kept his word for everything a goal was set. He will donate one of his figures (all collector edition, this will hurt) as an exemple.

During the live event we mostly laughed, but were mind blown too. The viewers proved ones again that there is good in the heart of people. Within only 4 hours the donations were at 10.000 €. But the final (dream) goal was 20.000 €. Well my dear friends, there were 25.000€ worth donations done at the end of the 24 hours stream.

A breath-taking live during which everyone felt concerned. Donation didn’t stop during the last 20 minutes. For our great pleasure but mostly to reach that goal Zeph sacrificed himself but not only himself.

He never hesitated, at least not until the very end but still accepted every task. He will have to shave his head and pierce his ear. Yes, we will have the pleasure to see Zeph for three weeks minimum with a pierced ear. Why three weeks ? Well, it is the time needed before changing your piercing and not risking an infection. With that, if you don’t let the piercing in your ear you still risk an infection.

He went far perhaps to far, because he took his niece with him. He was encouraged by his sister-in law, mother, father and myself, so he accepted. As a father, yes I sold the ear lob of my little daughter for the cause against cancer. Yes I would do it again. No I won’t force my little princess to do it, but I would force my brother to do it. I would even pierce his ear myself.

Zeph is a man of his word and will keep his word in that case to.

At the end we didn’t understand anything but they had a common goal. Make history, give hope, create the will to do good and last but not least give joy.

Zeph has always had the ability to have good people around him. What’s sure, we will hear about them again, about the future of Arma des Dons and of Zeph.

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  • Translated By: Richard Godefroid
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