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Monday, 23 November 2020 20:54

BoTRL TV is on the move

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I am sure you noticed what is going on. There are more streamers, more streams and almost every hour of the day are taken by the streamers. We will look it all up to understand what is going on here.

First of all, it’s Zephs dream. Having the most of the time taken of every day of the week and that every week is his dream. Naturally, the most important of all, having a group of streamers for his channel. The letters TV make sense now. For the pleasure of Zeph, you got it.

We are now listing the streamers that joined the team by chronological order:

  • AllxMight
  • Molma666
  • MasterFedi
  • Tim Shady
  • Bluemotion
  • Stente
  • Fritz
  • Botko54
  • LadyNorthon
  • Enderrider
  • AmarokV12

Twelve streamers with Zeph in that list. A great list with great streams. It began several weeks ago, for the best of the Zephs channel. The evolution of the channel is going on and you will have more and more great shows for the next weeks. The best, Zeph was invited for a 24 hours long stream for a good cause. He is gaining value in the eyes of other streamers and his channel too.

We will look that list of happy fellows and what they stream for the channel:

AllxMight streams LoL essentially and is on different streams with Fritz, speaking Luxemburgish and English for most of the time. Molma666 streams different games, mostly solo games like Ghost of Tsushima or Watch Dogs Legion, in Luxemburgish too. MasterFedi was often to be seen during “Noobs on tour” streams with Molma and will be seen in solo streams. Tim Shady is a streamer, essentially on LoL and is the MVP of the first eSports League of POST Luxemburg. Bluemotion is present for divers games, lastly it was Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombie. Fritz is very present, for our best pleasure. He’s Luxemburgish and present on many team playing games like Diablo III or solo games like Medieval Dinasty. LadyNorthon, who is also Zephs mom (a moms devotion for his son) streams her favorite game FF XIV. Enderrider, a Fortnite streamer because we also needed such a streamer and lets be honest, he’s good at it.

This great pack of streamers is fun to look at. A great idea comes to my mind as I wright those lines. What if we would make them all come together? A bootcamp with all the streamers together. It could be an epic moment.

What to await now? Well, that it continues the same way as now, that you stay all faithful to his channel and that you look at their streams as often as possible. Yes, we will see Zeph less than before, but we see great other streamers and the chat is always caring, fun and present.

Between the little attacks on the streamers for fun, the clips shared on the chat and other anecdotes or reactions, you will always find something to appreciate.

Never hesitate to come say hi, to give us your opinion, to help the streamers and most of all to give them a maximum of love. And as Zeph always says it “Viendez”

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