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Wednesday, 16 December 2020 13:17

Review: Medieval Dynasty

MD 1

Do you ever wanted to escape the daily stress of our modern world and go back in time?

Well then Medieval Dynasty is the right game for you!

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Monday, 01 February 2021 11:35

Islanders: A game to find inner peace



The game is developed and published by the small german indie game studio Grizzly Games. It was released the 4th of April 2019 on steam.

What is the game about?

In islanders you are building cities on beautiful designed, as the game name says it, ilsands, but one building at a time. The islands are generated randomly, some are lush and green, some snowy, some rocky. In the beginning you start with a few choices of what you can construct, sometimes a farm with fields or a fisher hut an algea plantation. You are earning points, by placing your buildings in optial areas, for instance, if you build a house or villa near the city center, you will get more points. These points are crucial, to move on in the game. You always have to achieve a certain goal to unlock new buildings and then again you have to reach the new set score and so on. You can also get penalty points for placing constructions in the "wrong" area. For example, if you build two lumberjack huts to close to each other, you will lose well earned points.


In the beginning you start on small island, which is quickly filled up. Once you score enough points, you can unlock the next island which will be bigger. So you will move on in the game as long as you reach always the set goal. But pay attention where you place your buildings, because once contructed you can not move it anymore! Which is the big challenge of the game to build strategically and well carefully managed.

ilsanders3 islanders3  ilsanders4

And that´s it for the game! It really is relaxing to play. Espacially with well choosed music and the lovely designed environments. Perhaps, there can be a bit of frustration, when you run out of buildings and you only have some few points left to reach the score. But this is honestly the only little negative point of this game.

A most buy (for only 4,99€ on steam) for city-building game lovers and a beautiful game to play from time to time to find your inner peace!

Published in Gaming News