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Saturday, 03 July 2021 22:01

Games and cinema

I wanted to tell you a bit about two worlds that I love. In particular cinema and video games. For the latter, I suppose you knew it since I am part of this non-profit organization ...

Anyway let's start with the small list of games / movies I want to talk about. Quite recently we have seen the emergence of certain films or film shoots. This list here it is, Uncharted, Sonic, Borderlands and Mortal Kombat.

They are all more or less in the news and are all part of the very latest films released or to come. We're going to review each film a bit.

So let's start with Uncharted. Very interesting. For my part, I am not very fond of films on video games and video games on films. It's often (for me) disappointing. It must be said that for Uncharted this seemed to become a project that was going to die in the bud.

Quite simply, since 2010 we have been talking about this film and it still has not been released! There were several directors who abandoned the project, the script was completely rewritten. It has to be said that the production really wanted a movie about this game because it was never about giving up.

There was even an announcement from Mark Wahlberg, that the production denied, he would have the lead role, also it was said he had no connection to the project. So that's right, he doesn't have the lead role, but he'll just be Drake's mentor, the so-called Sully. Lots of hassle though.

After the storm, calm. Yes normally it's the opposite but in this case the storm was before. Tom Holland will be Drake, so he's a young Drake to the stories we've been through in the game.

In this case I think the storyline can actually work and it's smart to create a whole new story. What does or can be lacking is precisely to recreate a story from a game in film. This can only be disappointing. There, fans will have to find certain haunts while being immersed in a story they may not know. This will make it all more interesting and less frustrating. So see what it will be when it comes out.

Next, let's talk about Sonic. The film released last year caused quite a stir. And not for the right reasons. Despite the good casting, especially with Jim Carrey as Eggman, the critics have rocketed. While the trailer sounded good and the movie looked promising, it had to be seen that Sonic was the concern. Its design was not at all faithful to what we might know. And if there was a mistake not to be made, it was good to miss Sonic for his own movie.

But the criticisms were heard and we can say that the correction was more than satisfactory. You might not like the movie and its script, but from a design point of view Sonic and Robotnik characters were really well done. A successful visual result. For the rest, everyone has their own opinion!

Let's move on to Mortal Kombat. Regarding this franchise, we have already had films. We will not come back to it. Let's just talk about the last movie. Casting is very well chosen. The storyline respects what the franchise represents and above all visually it's superb!

We are amazed, the scenes and effects look well done and the costumes very well suited to the cinema.

The under-16 ban is naturally appropriate and I would even say that was expected. The promises made for this film have been kept and it is important to underline that too!

Finally, let's talk about Borderlands. Probably the most promising film on the list. No real issue during production or filming (still in progress), during E3 we were treated to updates and see that visually it seems to be very beautiful. The casting is XXL in particular with Kevin Hart, Jack Black or Cate Blanchett.

The script is also new, it will not be able to frustrate the fans and this is a very important point (in my opinion). Quite simply, by doing this you are automatically taking away certain lairs from fans so that they cannot be waiting for something to happen that they are impatiently waiting for and you will not be too much in comparison.

With the production being closely tied to the game's creators / producers, the film has everything to become a box office hit.

Also see what the future has in store for us on this subject.

For my part, I am a fairly easy client and easily manage to dissociate an adapted work from the original one. Yet I have often been disappointed anyway! That is, how often we've been treated to bad things, either way or the other.

I think that what made these 4 works to be a success or to have been a success, lies in the fact that the chosen works lend themselves well to being part of the world of cinema. With the means today one can easily have a faithful rendering of a Mortal Kombat, a materialization of a brilliant Sonic. Then the stories offered by the Uncharted and Borderlands franchises also make it possible to create an all-new story that fits completely into the universe of these games.

For the latter, the future will tell whether the choice was the right one. In the meantime I wish you a good game or a good movie!

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