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Hello everyone. As the title suggests, we are pleased to announce that we have prepared a new tournament just for you!

First, here is the image:

flyer event 19.12

Already the necessary information is there. Now what is the tournament rules you will find everything when you register online!

We are very happy because this will also allow us to welcome you in at a new location for this occasion. We met some great people and a great venue for this event. So we wanted to change for this tournament.

A new opportunity to see each other and above all the possibility of discussing, having fun and confronting each other during this tournament on this epic game!

It goes without saying that we are very impatient for this to happen. It will be a little bit Christmas before the hour for our community of geeks! We will be able to see the Luxembourg level on this game and we are waiting for a great show. Come with your own controller or not, everything will be set up for everyone to play.

Who says tournament, says warm-up. A good athlete should be ready at all times! There will be everything planned for that! You can calmly prepare yourself because we will put everything in place to be able to train. TVs, consoles, controllers everything will be there.

A setup close to our first tournament which took place on Mario Kart and which was a great success for us. Many had come to have fun, others for the competition. What stands out is the smiles of the people, the laughter and the cheers. This has strengthened us in the direction of organizing various tournaments.

Smash seemed obvious to us. Everyone on our committee knows the game, many love it and some play it regularly. We greatly hope that you will be able to have as much fun as you did during the first tournament and we will be looking forward to seeing you until then.

While waiting for friends, prepare yourself well because we expect you to be enraged with the urge to conquer and crush everything.

Here is the link to register :

I wish you good games and see you next time!

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