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Thursday, 17 September 2020 03:13

Presentation PS5

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Presentation of the new Sony PS5

Finally, a new presentation of the new Playsation 5, of which we waited so long, and we want to know one thing for sure, the price. But besides this, the game revealing’s were also quit surprising. Furthermore, we want to learn more about the details of PS plus and PS Now.

The presentation starts with a very dynamic video, with different scenes of futured games. A fast and turbulent starter for the upcoming menu.


FFXVI- Awakening

A new video, which starts with soldiers discussing, horseman’s riding Chocobos and a whole scene of war. Huge Monsters are appearing, and we see Shiva who is not amused and even attacks the protagonists of the video.

Personally, it was a shock to see Shiva doing this, as I always saw her as an invocation instead of a menace. Joshua (who seems to be a prince) is probably a key character. In addition we see nice combat scenes, which seem to filmed in game.

It looks like some codes are still the same as in Final Fantasy XV, concerning battles. The crystals (mother crystal) are becoming a more important role in the story of the game. A nice flashback on medieval-fantasy, which pleases the writer of this text.

There is more violence as in older games but it suits perfectly with the story, of which we learn more about in the trailer.

Joshua seems to be an evocator, who is not capable of controlling his powers (he ends up resembling more like a monster, comparable to Ifrit). In the ending of the trailer we see a written enigma : “The Legacy of crystals has shaped our history for long enough”.

As a conclusion of the video, we can see that we are going to be the one who is going to kill Joshua, if necessary.

A small phrase, which was quite catchy for me, was that it is a PlayStation exclusive. We will see if this will last in the future or not. If so it would be a big twist of Sony.


Spider-Man – Miles Morales

The whole trailer is a year after the events of the last game. A war is raging in between different groups. In the epi centre of this war is a source of energy, which seems to be coveted. Spider-man is stuck in the middle of a cargo with this (instable) energy and tries to stop the two groups of mercenaries from fighting each another. The game looks nice and dynamic from the beginning on.

The fight sequences show us clearly the unlimited possibilities of the game. Maybe this energy replaces the gadgets of the first opus, so that the game can evolve during the gameplay. That is my opinion, after the presentation of the game.

As in the previous game, we still must push a certain series of buttons to save people.

The dynamic, the graphics and the scenery suit the game perfectly. The cinematics are incredible, smooth like butter. The release is planed for the end of 2020.

Patience is the key.


The legacy of Hogwarts

We are int the beginning of the 19th century.

The narrator speaks of the story of the witches and witchers of the past. School life seems to be crucial, but there is also a world filled with dangers.

Could it be an open world game?

The gameplay of every individual will have an impact on the game, tells us the voice.

And that is already everything we learn about from the trailer.

It would be a nice pleasure to see that every decision you take has some influence on the world in which you play. Hoping that this game makes a nice addition to the “Harry Potter” series.


COD Black Ops Cold War

We are in the timeline of the cold war. (in the world of COD, of course)

The trailer starts with a gameplay, in which we start a mission in Turkey.

The codes of COD are still the same. The tables turn quite quick and not for your advantage. You are fast launched into battle (to show us the possibilities of the game). As always nice graphics and a fluid gameplay.

Release is planed for the end of 2020, which will be a nice present for Christmas and a strategic well-chosen date for the company.

The best part of the presentation is that the online Alpha is launched Friday 17.09.2020 and is for free for all the PlayStation players.


Resident Evil VIII (Village)

Chris and some mercenaries are entering a house and kidnap someone.

A witch or a mad old lady starts narrating about a prophecy. During her monologue we hear bizarre monstrous sounds and see some zombies.

 Then a young woman starts telling a story about a mother and her daughter. The daughter runs into the forest and the mother does not manage to keep up with her. “just a local tale” tells the lady. The daughter disappears and seems to be dead.

The video is quite nice but, we do not see that much of the gameplay or of the game itself. We only have a little insight of the atmosphere in which we are going to play.

We do not only have to deal with zombies but also with a hole village which is so isolated that it could be stuck in the timeline of the medieval age.

Release date: Year 2021.



This time a focus was given to the gameplay. Nicely presented as a trailer of the 70s. We see more what must be done in the game. The narrators voice fits perfectly to the images we see.

As we have to kill 8 different subjects, we are hunted by a female hitman. That means kill, but do not get killed.


Devil May Cry 5 special edition

Once again, a gameplay which is more sophisticated, very nervous, fast and well-choreographed. Bloody and flashy. A well embroidered bestiary. The graphics are not that astonishing. There is nothing more to say about it. The game is released with the console.


Oddworld Soulstorm

The story begins with a revolt on an alien farm.

We play as Abe and we must guide our brothers and sisters to freedom.

The game itself is a platformer, which is made with humour. But we also see some dramatic scenes of the story, like slavery, sacrifices, etc.

We do not get a lot of informations about the game, so we have to wait for more details. The cinematics are nicely done, and the graphics seems to be in a good quality.


Five Nights at Freddy’s

Short presentation. In the beginning of the trailer we hear an AI voice which demands Georgy to believe in it when it says it was just an error. Of course, it was not.

I do not know if this is what the fans were waiting for, but none or less it seems quite nice.


Demon´s Souls

We are starting with combats against zombie/ghoul soldiers and the soldiers.

A small speed run of killing (easily) some enemies. The decoy is medieval and apocalyptic.

Then we are in front of boss, huge, disgusting and fat with a big hatchet. Of course the player dies.

We quickly enter then in a more dynamic presentation, with a variety of monsters and more complex fights.

Visually it was on point. With the beginning of the video you can quickly understand that you can chose between difficulties of the different levels. And that is all we learn from the trailer, which is ok as the game is already well known.

We now know in which direction the gameplay is going and in which degree our patience is getting tested.



Nothing special. Release with the console.


New features for PlayStation Plus

A trailer where we see games from the PS4, one after another. Passing with dynamic.

As we understand this, all these games are free to play and to download with the release of the PS5, with a membership on PlayStation Plus. It seems to be the PlayStation Plus Collection. That means that some games of the PS4 are immediately available with the release of the new console. But which also means that this upgrade will cost some euros more than the normal package.

This still needs to be confirmed. Maybe there will be some kind of extra conditions. For example, having an active account on PS Plus for a certain amount of time, we will see in the next weeks what more news we get.

None or less, there are games on this package, like, Uncharted 4, Batman Arkham Knight, days Gone, Ratched and Clank, BloodBorne etc.


The price

The console is going to cost 499€ or 399€ for the digital edtion (no Blu-Ray player included).

Release date is planed for the 12th of November - Japan,USA,Canada,Mexico,Australia, New Zeeland, South Corea

And the 19th of November for the EU and the rest of the world.


Bonus presentation

A new God of war is coming.

The only thing we are getting to see is a blue circle with a dragon head and what seems to be viking symbols on it. And then we hear Kratos say: "The darkness is here." and see the message "Rgnarok is coming 2021”.



Sony knows how to proper present in a smooth rhythm. So smooth that at some point the developers or members of Sony do not interfere between the trailers and when then just for a few minutes.

We have seen new scenes of games which we already know but also new ones with some sublime videogames. Franchises which pushed everything to the absolute limit and let us dream for even more.

Especially Final Fantasy, where the story seems to be epic. But also, COD which is still an awesome game and is loyal to its core.

Spider-man looks really nice ass well, which could be a new hit game.

Let´s salute the end of the year, it is about time!

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  • Translated By: Lee Scholtes
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