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Thursday, 16 July 2020 14:26

A dwarftastic game

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Deep Rock Galactic

deep rock title

Dwarfs in space!

Congratulations, New Dwarven Employee, on signing up for DEEP ROCK GALACTIC, and thereby making the smartest decision of your life!

Is it really the smartest decision of your life, well I doubt it 😉.

So lets be serious, Deep Rock is a cooperative first-person shooter, developed by the Danish indie studio Ghost Ship Games an published by Coffee  Stain Publishing,

The game was released in May 2020 for Windows and Xbox One.

About the gameplay.

You can play with up to three other players, where you explore random generated cave systems in a variety of different biomes (radioactive tunnels, ice caves, desert like biomes, etc) in space, on the planet Hoxxes IV. Once assigned to a mission you have different objectives to complete, which are:

  • Mining precious minerals (what a surprise)
  • Retrieving lost equipment
  • Stealing alien eggs
  • Eliminating specific targets

Besides your main objective, you can if you want to, achieve secondary objectives, which mostly are collecting other materials or items, to get extra experience points, gold or minerals to upgrade your character .While trying to reach your goal you have to fight various swarms of arachnids aliens called Glyphids.

Players can choose out of four different classes:

The Scout

scout 2

He has a lightning gun, so that your team has an extra range of light on your dangerous missions. In addition, he has a grappling hook, with which he can reach difficult accessible places with ease. His primary weapons are an assault rifle and a shotgun. Later in the game you can unlock the M1 Garand and a dual-wield machine gun.

The Engineer


His primary weapons are a shotgun and a grenade launcher, later you unlock an electrical submachine gun and plasma thrower. The Engineer has a platform gun as utility tool and can build a sentry gun to support the team with those big waves of monsters.

The Driller


As the name says it, he allows the team to navigate easily through blocked paths or difficult terrain by using his handheld power drills. Besides that, he has a satchel charge to kill enemies or to carve out a large portion of terrain. The Driller has in the beginning a flamethrower and a semi-automatic pistol. As you upgrade you character you later get a freeze canon and a plasma pistol.

The Gunner


The heavy armed Gunner uses a minigun as primary weapon and a revolver. These can alter be replaced with a high calibre canon and a burst-fire machine gun. To help the team to reach higher or lower ground, he has can install a zip line, which everybody can use. In addition, he can throw his shield grenade to protect his allies from huge waves of monsters.

deep rock painting

A big positive point of the game is, that you can choose different types of missions with different time durations, so when you have a lack of time you still can play a quick game. Furthermore, you can choose a variety of difficult degrees, so that you always have the possibility to adapt the strength, amount  and waves of enemies, to the power and abilities of your character.

All in all, the game is a dwarftastic and fun game to play, solo or with your friends.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go mine the hell out of this planet!

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