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Wednesday, 07 July 2021 10:49

Nintendo Switch OLED

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Nintendo Switch OLED


Well, we didn't expect that by expecting it a little bit anyway. A new Switch was in the works without really knowing what it would be.


There was already talk of an OLED screen without going into more detail.


Now we are sure. Nintendo is releasing an improved version, thus creating a third product line.


After the Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite, we are entitled to the Switch OLED. Available in two colors and priced at € 349. A good price (50 € difference compared to the standard version)


It has a 7-inch screen instead of 6.2, the dock-in station also has an Ethernet port. Small improvements that are timely and that will allow new games to benefit from small bonuses. The storage capacity also rises to 64 GB.


Players will have the opportunity to have better quality in nomadic mode. The performance on the other hand does not change. Other nice little changes are also visible with no longer just a 2cm wide leg to hold the console upright but a flap that is as wide as the console to make it more stable.


OLED technology will inevitably allow for a graphic improvement thanks to better contrast, more beautiful colors and deeper black.


The best point, however, is that holders of the classic Switch will not be penalized by this new model. Because future games can all be played on the standard version. A very important point in order to avoid great frustration.


The price difference is low, people that want to switch from one console to another won’t be afraid to do it. Anyone who does not yet have a Switch, these 50 € are worth it and will therefore easily be able to choose this new model over another.


It will be available really soon : October 8 this year!





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