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Monday, 03 August 2020 14:16

Interviw with ALLxMIGHT

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int allxmight



When did you start playing LOL?

I started palying League of Legends 7 years ago and I’ll keep going.

In which teams have you already been playing?

BOTRL is the first team I joined.

In which tournaments have you participated?

I have never participated in a League of Legends tournament.

Why is League of Legends your favourite game ?

I believe the team play is the main reason why I like playing league.

What was the first game you have played, which you have been fascinated from? The game that inspired you to become a true gamer?

The game that inspired me to become a gamer was Super Smash Bros. Melee for the GameCube.

Which platform do you prefer?

My favorite platforms are PC, Switch and of course GameCube.

Which aspects are important for you in a game?

For me, the most important thing for a game to be successful is a good storyline.

What is your favourite genre?

My favorite game genres are shooter games, moba games and action/adventure games.

How much time do you invest per day to your hobby?

I spend atleast four hours a day gaming.

How many games do you play through over a year?

I usually finish 3 to 4 games a year depending on what games are released.

How many games do you have in your collection?

I approximately have 125 games on my PC and 10 games for the Nintendo Switch.

Why did you choose gaming as hobby and not another one like music, sports, art etc.?

In my free time I am not only playing Games, but I also do some work out and I try to go three times a week to the gym and I am playing the cello.

What was your most beautiful gaming experience?

There are a lot of nice video games experiences in my life so I can’t really tell what my favorite is, but I guess meeting new friends and deepen my existing friendships 

Can you name three Games/Players, that inspired you? Why?

Super Smash Bros. Melee has to be on this list because it was the reason why I became a Gamer. Then I would say League of Legends because, when I started playing it I met new friends and my best friend (Tim Shady). And to complete the list I would say Call of Duty, because when I did not own a PC I used to play every CoD on the PS3, especially Black Ops II because of the Zombie Mode that was included.

With which video character would you like to have diner if possible?

I think I would take Darius to dinner because he is my main champ and maybe he borrows me his axe to Noxian Guillotine someone :D.

Do you see yourself still playing videogames when you are in a retirement home?

If I would have the possibility to game in the retirement home, of course I would do it I’m a gamer through and through.

Which ability of a video character would you like to have in real life?

I think I’d like to have Ekko’s Ultimate Chronobreak that allows him to turn back in time.

A fire outbreaks in your home, does your console and games count to the things you would save?

I don’t think I would save my PC, because you can replace a PC but you can’t replace people.

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