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Monday, 13 July 2020 20:15

Interview with Tim Shady

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Tim Shady

When did you start playing LOL?

I am not one hundred percent sure, but I think about seven years.

In which teams have you already been playing?

I have played for several Luxemburgish teams, but I do not remember the names.^^

In which tournaments have you participated?

  • Luxemburg Gaming Experience
  • Benelux tournament

Why is League of Legends your favourite game ?

I really like in League of Legends, the outplay possibilities. They are sheer endless. Also, the design and the stories behind the game characters are fantastic. All in all the game is nearly perfect in my point of view, the only negative point is that the balancing in general is sometimes really bad.

What was the first game you have played, which you have been fascinated from? The game that inspired you to become a true gamer?

I started quite early playing video games on the Gamecube. There my favorite games were Mario Kart Double Dash and Super Mario Striker Football. That is where my gaming career started.

Which platform do you prefer?

Definitely PC

Which aspects are important for you in a game?

  • Grafic
  • Concept

What is your favourite genre?

My favourite genres are:

  • Shooter
  • Strategy

How much time do you invest per day to your hobby?

That varies on how much time I have left of the day, but normally eight to twelve hours per day.

How many games do you play through over a year?

Not that much, I am League addicted. So basically I play jus LOL.

How many games do you have in your collection?

I have about fifteen games in my collection, but as already mentioned I only play League of Legends.

Why did you choose gaming as hobby and not another one like music, sports, art etc.?

In my opinion sport is quite important to find some balance in your life, but I like to be “alone” and to meet my friends online. In my opinion gaming is also a really good brain training, because you have to be concentrated for over hours and hours, which is simpler said than done.

What was your most beautiful gaming experience?

I do not have a special experience which I can mention. For me every moment I have fun with my friends online is a beautiful gaming experience.

Can you name three Games/Players, that inspired you? Why?

Of course League of Legends, because it really suits me and I spent so many hours into it. Besides of LoL I loved and still like to play all games which came out for the Gamecube console. For me that is nostalgy. The gamecube era inspired me a lot for becoming a true gamer. Other games which encourage to tread the path of a gamer were all other Mario games.

With which video character would you like to have diner if possible?

Riven, because she is my bae.

Do you see yourself still playing videogames when you are in a retirement home?

What a question, yes I see myself gaming at every age. 100% Gamer.

Which ability of a video character would you like to have in real life?

If I could choose one ability, it would be the one of Ekko. He can control time and can travel back in time, so that you could undone mistakes you made or save some people.

A fire outbreaks in your home, does your console and games count to the things you would save?

Definitely not, my Pc is replaceable, family not. Always family first and then, when I still have some time left, I would save my gaming stuff.

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