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Tuesday, 09 March 2021 14:09

Our lions are back and they want more!

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Our lions are back and they want more!

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Our lions are back, and they want more!

After our well-earned victory during the Post league in 2020, some of our teammates decided to strive another way. However, after some months of recruitment, we finally established a new team.

Our new roster looks as follows:

  • KeNNetic (Top Lane)
  • Mistkäfer (Jungle)
  • Tim Shady (Mid)
  • KoreanCarryJK (ADC)
  • Yatoon (Support)

While KeNNetic (Ken Theis), Tim Shady (Tim Theis) and Yatoon (Yan Theis) are names that should sound familiar, some of them are now positioned on new lanes for this year’s season of the Post Esports Masters. KeNNetic, as the only one who does not go through any change this season, remains on the top lane. Following we have the MVP of the previous year Tim Shady switching his position up and leading the team now as our new midlaner. The last of our already known members is Yatoon, who is now no longer a substitute player, but plays the game in the main roster, as the team’s support.
Nevertheless, we don’t want to forget about our members who joined the team for this new season. We are happy to welcome Mistkäfer (Mika Schaeffer) who joins the team, stepping into the footprints of Tim Shady, as the new jungler, accompanied by KoreanCarryJK (Daniel Duhr), who joins our team as the new ADC, joining Yatoon on the bot lane.

We are also happy to announce that all the stated players are now under contract with us and we hope to be able to defend our title!

If you want to see a presentation of the all the players, stay tuned for that during the eastern school holiday weeks, which is the week from the 5th to the 8th of April.

What we can say about our team at this moment in time is that they are all engaged in their training, preparing themselves for the upcoming matches. We don’t want to name anyone by name here, but what we can mention is that our team’s training involves matches with other competing teams, so that we can make sure that our team will be prepared for everything.

Additionally, we want to announce that our team did not only change members, but also changed its name. In future our team will be known as the ‘Red Lions’, keeping their connection to the BOTRL, but making it sound less attached overall, as they form their own part in our community.

We are all eager to see where our new team will lead us.

That said, one thing is for sure, our new lions are hungrier than ever!

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