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Thursday, 21 October 2021 18:43

BoTRL's Expectations

So I decided to ask the friends of the committee to tell me a bit about the games they are waiting for in the more or less near future. It is an understatement to say that the demands are very varied. I don't know if Santa will have the time to do what is necessary (it's even unlikely). So let's review everyone's wishes.

Toufik was the first to respond. His answer was clear and demonstrated his great excitement. He's only waiting for one thing, GTA 6.

Our friend Toufik loves the franchise and is sure it will be the best game to come. Our artist has just that in mind.

gta 6.jpg

Soon after we got a response from Jo. Our Head of Communications has a passion that anyone who has seen our podcasts knows, Dark Souls. So naturally the game he's waiting for is Eldenring.

Clearly this is the game of the decade for him. With the spirit of the Game of Thrones writer and the desire to make a game in the same vein as the Souls games, Jo is already running out of patience.

Patrick, one of our treasurer has a pretty surprising answer, although the game is expected it is not the one we hear the most about. On the other hand, his answer is much less surprising when you know Patrick.


It is Star Wars Knight of the old Republic Remake. His motivations are simple. First of all, the franchise of which he is an absolute fan and because the game had a very good quality story and to return to it makes him salivate in advance!

Marc our editor has the future Battlefield in mind and nothing else. His son is also in total excitement awaiting the arrival of this game. It must be said that the franchise has had some great games lately and it is high time for a newcomer.


It is true that the images we have enjoyed quite recently concerning the future opus make you want to play that game !

For my part, I am totally waiting for Stranger of Paradise, Final Fantasy Origin.

No wonder I love the franchise. But in this case it's more special. First of all, it is a revisit of Final Fantasy I, a new game which at the time made a great buzz. A game with a story as beautiful as it is tragic, an idea as simple as it is complex and a game mode so enjoyable.


This revisit seems so far from the original game, but the story only becomes more captivating. The very first monologue we got had given me chills and the release date trailer is so promising.

I'm very close to buying a PS5 at this time ... though consoles are available of course.

We all can't wait to see these games come out. And you ? What game are you waiting for? Please do not hesitate to answer us and tell us what your expectations are!

In the meantime, good game to all!

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