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project oxygen pc ps5 xboxsx 586a41c6 w830

The new video game "Project Oxygen : Subnautica" which concept seems to be really promising,such as the polish developer studio Far From Home. A great part of the team has worked on famous games like, Dying Light, Divinity Original Sin or Chernobylite. The game should be available for Playstation 5, Xbox Series X and PC.


Their project will be an exploration game, in FPS perspective and solo mode, on our planet Earth which has become uninhabitable because of the human kind. The player will have a zepplin which will serve as shelter and operating base, which can be customized and upgraded.


The story timeline is hundred of years from now and humanity has provoked an ecological disaster which results in an uninhabitable and toxic planet. Survivors have tried to find a solution by building high skyscrapers and a new society but thex failed! A small group of humans has been able to escape the apocalypse.


You will be a scientific who goes back on earth, to its ruins of the past civilization to understand the new and dangerous ecosystem that has developed on Earth.


With a great story, a concept like Death Stranding and a experimented team of developers, we will keep an eye on that game.

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